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Best times playing MaplestoryM Mesos in that server

Sep-02-2019 PST Maplestory M

Just for the curious. Maplestory M Mesos is a prequel. So no one really knows what's about to happen in MS1.

A prequel? As in it took place before the rise of the black mage?

From what I've seen in MS2 there's another Black Mage they deal with.

I wish more games would do this. That is just a beautifully fantastic conclusion to a game.

If you're down for the grind, Reboot is a non-p2w server that has been very successful and is highly populated. Had some of the best times playing buy MaplestoryM Mesos in that server and I've been playing since the first year of GMS.

Not a big fan of Maplestory, just didn't click with the game world.

This is super cool regardless though. I love hearing this stuff. 15 years for them to conclude the story.

In a way, it is a shame that it only took 3 weeks to defeat the boss once it was released, but still cool none the less.

How many other games are there where a single boss takes the collective playerbase of it three entire weeks just to defeat it?

Oh so I have a misunderstanding? People were rotating around and actually kept the fight going that long? Well... nevermind then. I retract my words!!!! Holy crap... 3 weeks... my respects! That is an awful lot of time and dedication between a ton of people.

I don't think it's the end of the story. I'm not a maple story expert, but Maple story 2 is already out in Korea... so I'm assuming they aren't ending it to move people to ms2. I think if the story really did take 15 years, then now they can do something different?