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​Madden 21: 10 year sim player quality

Jan-09-2021 PST Madden 21

One of my #1 activities is start an establishment, sim 10 years and start from that point. Kinda freeloaded to see EA actually hasn't tended to the nature of players that emerge from the draft that numerous years into what's to come. 

Presently I comprehend this isn't something EA presumably gives a lot of consideration to, however I was truly trusting something would've been done about it.

I know there's a lot of individuals who will really play through that numerous seasons beginning from present time, so one thing I'm pondering, is this simply a result from simming?

For instance I began an establishment with the dolphins. Simmed 10 years and the group generally speaking was 70! Screwing 70! Also, there is different groups that aren't greatly improved. Presently like the wide range of various irritates, you end up with over a billion in assets and a crazy measure of cap space, which is likewise clearly unreasonable..

Truly wish EA would fix this. Its been similar to this however long I can remeber. I'm half enticed to sim an additional 10 years and check whether there's even a group with a 85+ OVR. I'm truly becoming weary of experiencing each group program after the draft just to build their advancement attribute. Its the best way to guarantee players really end up being sewhat respectable.

Sorry for the long tirade. Much obliged to you for perusing, bless your heart! Thank you for reading, buy madden 21 coins now, get more off coins.