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​Madden 21 may be better then Madden 22

Aug-16-2021 PST Madden 22

I have purchased each and every Madden since Madden 13 and this one may be the first I don't accepting. The most concerning issue is the interactivity, beneficiaries don't take a stab at 50/50 balls and simply appear to allow picks to occur.

QB's additionally seen to be significantly more Inaccurate. Other than that it's generally equivalent to Madden 21 yet with more glitches and peculiarities.

Every one of the glitches are another issue, from scores resetting in establishment mode, not having the option to exchange Rt's, continually having a notice for your establishment staff, moment replay not showing the entire play, and surprisingly old glitches from

Madden 20 where the spring up toward the finish of a drive shows some unacceptable time or result saying it was a turn over on down rather than a touch down.

What's more, out of the "upgrades" they made none appear to be genuine enhancements. The new UI in establishment is simply seriously confounding and takes more snaps to discover what you are really searching for.

The home field advantage simply causes the game to feel even less like a sim and more like an arcade game. Furthermore, the help mentor and new expertise trees appear to be insane and confounding.

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