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​Madden 21 Xbox Current Gen establishment

Feb-22-2021 PST Madden 21

New association searching for individuals, all groups accessible aside from Packers and Saints.

Rules - You can just utilize a similar play twice in succession no more - You can just utilize a similar play multiple times in a single drive - You should punt the ball on fourth behind your own 50 - Cannot let it all out on fourth and 10 or more past the 50 - Must have 3 DL surging the quarterback consistently - No phony punts or kicks except if somewhere around at least 15 - Cannot run the ball with your hb in excess of multiple times a game - If you discover somebody defying the norms take a video and send it to the administrators.

Rule breaking disciplines - first time 2 players have Coronavirus for the following game - second time 3 players have Coronavirus for three games - third time you will be kicked from the class.

No central processor exchanges All client exchanges will be affirmed by the administrators and one class part 2 Superstars one x-factor will be given to players of the client groups decision Cap space on Injuries on All madden Sim Must have Facebook for gc!

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