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​Monotonous and completely irritating pundits

Dec-21-2020 PST Madden 21

Among the wide range of various issues that every one of you are now very much aware of something that truly crushes my cog wheels is the screwing pundits. Their exchange is so redundant, you play 1 game and you've heard 90% of the discourse, just the most well known players like Mahomes for instance have more than one line of discourse remarkable to them. 

On top of that a fraction of the time the observers state crap that simply doesn't bode well, or they'll wind up in a long ass exchange which they keep on chattering about despite the fact that something insane simply occurred for them to discuss.

Their should be down triggers for them to stop mid sentence essentially if something occurred and resemble "wow quit worrying about that ____ just did ___" you get the substance.

While this is commonly minute to different issues like how every CB is a prime Randy Moss, it turns out to be all the more a disturbance than an or more. You need players to play your game for quite a long time yet anyone who has 2hr game play has as of now heard everything 2-3x. I mean I comprehended in 2010 however were in 2020, only completely sluggish like so numerous different things with this game.

Now we ought to have more than the one sets of reporters, and at any rate enough exchange from them to go a 2-3 games without hearing the equivalent. things 2-10 times.

Is anything but a troublesome expansion, similar to I said simply apathetic.

EA Please fix your game, or let another organization have a go at it.

Quit SCRIPTING GAMES/DRIVES. Furthermore, IF ITS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY ATLEAST DONT MAKE IT SO GODDAM OBVIOUS. Haphazardly all the abrupt I start a CFM game and Carson Wentz tosses wonderful dimes 1-2 seconds after the snap with difficult to beat linemen and tosses for 23/23 250 yards before the half. All while the running backs get at least 5 yards a play on the grounds that regardless of how great your D-Line is the crappy content transforms your entire group into Highschoolers. Also, before a few blockhead says i'm simply awful , it's conspicuous when a content is set off, you can without much of a stretch differentiate between settling on an awful play decision/awful move versus a group being in a real sense difficult to stop regardless.

In the event that you read this entire tirade you're the goat.

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