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​My experience of EUW up to this point

Feb-28-2022 PST Lost Ark

I changed to EUW the next minutes after the servers opened and I partook in my day yesterday gaming Lost Ark a ton. I was on Neria at EUC previously, hit level 40. Felt very separated to my old EUC server since visit was in all dialects with the exception of English.

There's no slack and strange disengages or crashes (essentially I had none on EUW yesterday). Each. Single. Day. On EUC I've been kicked out the server at around 20:00 or the game has crashed haphazardly while opening a UI component, for example, my Skill board. I've been kicked out and returned to the 10k+ line (a few endeavors of attempting to begin the game ofc). I've in a real sense been "apprehensive" to do activities in game too quick to even think about trying not to get kicked out of the EUC servers.

Playing on EUW yesterday it seemed like playing a total, cleaned and very much evolved game with a decent local area.

Presently I'm on Moonkeep and 95% of the talk is English. I accept EUW will detonate in populace this end of the week when the entire Weekend champion gamers attempt to login and the lines are huge on EUC very much like the week before.

I suggest all players that haven't hit 50 and hasn't effectively gained significant headway final plan to change to EUW. I particularly suggest exchanging assuming that you're an English talking player on an EUC server to join Moonkeep. What's more I unequivocally prescribe changing to EUW assuming you live it up work, family and so forth and can play ends of the week and nights.

My main problem with EUW is that the clock is set on UK time (justifiable) which is 1 hour behind my nearby time that likewise was the server time on EUC.

Can hardly wait to get back home after work today and pull 50+ hours drinking spree on EUW!

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