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​My most concerning issue with Madden

Sep-25-2021 PST Madden 22

It isn't establishment mode.

It isn't the buggy interactivity.

It isn't the horrendous guarded A.I.

It's the phony public assistance with social equity. On the current year's Madden, pretty much every time I boot the game up I get a realistic reminding me to be positive to my kindred players just as significant racial correspondence matters too.

This is certifiably not a political post I guarantee, yet my most serious issue is that they don't really think often about any of it. This year I have made a special effort 3 separate occasions to report players with verification of them saying continuous disdain discourse (for example the N word and only the N word multiple times, saying Black lives don't make any difference and so forth) and nothing has emerged from it. This load of records are dynamic still on PS5 and I have even had rematches with 1 of them on different occasions from that point forward.

No genuine reaction from EA other than the duplicate glue reaction they send naturally.

They say they care about players psychological wellness and racial fairness, then, at that point fail to address it. Baffl ing.

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