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​Nagelsmann’s Bayern Tactics for FIFA 23

Mar-03-2023 PST FIFA 23

Nagelsmann's offensive-minded philosophy is reflected in his approach to FIFA 23. When you're heavy favorites, it's your best bet. It is thus time to start exploring these tactics without further ado.

The meteoric climb of Nagelsmann’s Bayern to the status of one of the most fascinating managers in football is nothing short of remarkable. Due to his tactical versatility, Nagelsmann has used a wide variety of team formations and playing styles during his coaching tenure. This article will show you how to implement Nagelsmann's Bayern tactics in FIFA 23 while staying as true to the original as possible.

FIFA 23: Nagelsmann’s Bayern Tactics

Since you can only manage a small number of players at once, your defensive and offensive strategies determine how the AI-controlled players perform throughout the defense and attack stages of the game.

Defense Stage

Due to their pressing nature, Bayern would benefit significantly from the "continuous pressure" defensive style option in FIFA 23. However, similar to Marcelo Bielsa's Leeds strategy in FIFA 23, your players' stamina will swiftly deplete under relentless pressure.

The defensive form of a squad with a width of 40 should be somewhat tight, forcing the opponent to look for space to create in the open regions.

When the depth is set to 75, the team plays in a very high line, which keeps the opponent mostly confined to their own half and requires them to rely on counterattacks to generate scoring opportunities. Given that Bayern is the top team in the Bundesliga by a wide margin, they can afford to take such a high-risk, high-reward strategy. Your defense may be easily breached if you're up against a squad that's far more talented than you are.

Offense Stage

These tactics rely heavily on the generation of opportunities. Attacking players under Nagelsmann are recognized for their fluidity in the final third. Aside from Sane, Gnabry, Mane, and Muller, the rest of the Manchester City strikers are continuously sprinting into space, shifting into channels, and moving freely to force defenders back into position so they can exploit the situation and create opportunities against them.

The squad generates scoring opportunities from a number of different angles; hence a "Balanced" approach to buildup play is advocated, with the possibility of making forward runs to generate scoring opportunities.

Bayern's wide players, notably the right winger, often take extremely wide positions to begin attacks. Overloading is a tactic used by Bayern Munich, which can be replicated by setting the width to 75 and sending at least six men into the box at once.

Guidelines for the Players

These directives are given to each player separately and serve to modify their actions during key game stages and transitions.

· Goalkeeper: Please revise the job description to reflect the fact that we need a sweeper keeper.

· Left Back: One who can play the "Alphonso Davies" position on the left side of defence must be very fast and able to make frequent forays forward up the flank in support of the assault. Make overlapping runs and have this player join the assault.

· Centre Backs: It's true that Bayern's centre-backs often play an offensive role. However, because everything happens on the ball, you don't even need a tactical option to do this.

· Right Back: Since the left defender will be taking a more forward stance, the right back will need to be more cautious, like Bayern's Pavard. He can quickly fill in at the correct back or centre back in a back three because of his versatility.

· You should instruct him to hold back during offensive attacks and instead make inverted runs to the right. This means he should be playing closer to the centre of the field, perhaps with the centre backs or even in the middle of the area, rather than on the right wing.

· Left Central Midfielder: Most of the attacking force comes from the "Goretzka" position in the center of the field. You'd want this guy to chip in throughout all facets of the game since he's so good across the board. Change his defensive position in FIFA 23 to "cover centre" and set his positional flexibility to "free roam" to do this.

If you want him to take more initiative while defending, you may set his interceptions to "Aggressive."

· Right Central Midfielder: It takes a technically proficient and physically robust midfielder to play the "Kimmich" role. With a strong midfield partner next to him and an inverted fullback in support, this player has the freedom to venture forward frequently, drift into more comprehensive positions around the inside-right channel, and attempt to create chances from there. When the opposition presses from the front, he can cover the wing defensively, and he should be available for long-range opportunities.

· Attacking Midfielder: In attacking midfield, Muller is the player in charge of the attacking play, and he must possess excellent vision, dribbling, and finishing skills in order to succeed. He is a free agent in the attacking third, where he provides a target for the team's final pass and is often directly involved in it. Assigning him to enter the box when a cross is received will ensure that he is there when needed.

· Left Winger: The left winger, along with the rest of the attack, must press the ball as Bayern does from the front by actively looking to intercept passes. To create room for the fullback to make overlapping runs, this player should cut in frequently as the left back moves around him.

For crosses into the penalty area, he should be considered.

· Right Winger: The right winger is a utility player and doesn't require a lot of tweaking. When the player should go in behind, come short, rush into space, wander freely, or remain wide are all decisions that are made by the artificial intelligence that is enabled by default in the game. Of course, he should have the widest distribution of any of your offensive players' key attributes. Train him to aggressively intercept passes and rush the goal area to receive crosses.

· Striker: The departure of Lewandowski to Barcelona necessitated adjustments to the striker's role in Nagelsmann's system. Choupo Moting can still be used up front to perform the old style of play, but Sadio Mane gives the team more options in order to throw off the opponent's defense by forcing them to make mistakes.

Set up your quick, deceptive striker like Mane to drift wide and get behind the defence. When defenders try to track a striker's every move, it leaves a lot of room for other attackers to run into them and pull them out of position. Setting his interceptions to "Aggressive" rounds out the urgent high press that the entire attack adopts whenever the opponent has possession of the ball inside their defensive third.It is possible to win the ball back to your opponent several times if you have a good sense of timing, especially in a game where your opponent likes to play from the back.

Final Thoughts

This Nagelsmann tactic for FIFA 23 includes an attack-oriented approach. It is most successful for contests in which you are the favorites to win, but depending on your level of expertise, you may also have a lot of fun with it by employing teams who are not as strong as you are. The fluidity with which the attackers move is similar to that of the midfield is more of a "heavy metal" approach, while that one is more of an "opera" approach.