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​NBA 2K23: Best Diamond Cards in MyTeam, Ranked

Jan-07-2023 PST NBA 2K23

For gamers, who don’t like to grind and instead spend real money to reach the top, Diamond cards are their best shot. With diamond cards on their sides, they can virtually crush any opponent who stands between them and victory. Every diamond card in the game is worth the money, but you have to choose the best cards to spend your money wisely. Here are some of the best Diamond cards in nba 2k23 myteam that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is a diamond card that features an offense of ninety-six, which is the highest in NBA 2K23. He is an exceptional shooter, and all his hall of fame badges are in the shooting category. He has all the shooting badges in 2K23, but not all of them are gold. The minimum rank of these badges is silver, while some gold badges are available. Whether you are looking for a point guard with the ability to score a point or a player who assists others in scoring a point, Stephen Curry is your best option.  

2. Andrei Kirilenko

Andrei Kirilenko is a ninety-six-defense rating card that can handle the interior defense single-handedly. He has three Hall of fame badges in the defense category as well as also features rebounding badges as an added bonus. Although no open shot is available, the passing ability of Andrei Kirilenko makes up for it.

3. Joakim Noah

Rule the perimeter with the guarding as well as the forwarding abilities of Joakim Noah, who is a ninety-three card. There is no single shooting badge, but he has mostly gold badges in all the other categories, along with three purple badges in the defense category. The defensive abilities of Joakim Noah are ninety-seven, and he is the best defender in NBA. If the opposite team has weak centers, Noah will make their life hell with his crazy defense.

4. Mike Bibby

Most point guards are masters of one category, but Mike Bibby is a jack of all. Whether you want defense, shooting, slashing, or just simply passing, he can do it. He is an ideal point guard with purple badges in shooting and playmaking, while gold badges are in all the other categories except for personality, where he has no badges at all. He can boost up the stats of his teammates as well, thanks to his playmaking badge.

5. Zach LaVine

Zach LaVine is known for his signature dunking style in NBA 2K23. He features some of the best finishing badges as well as he performs well in close encounters with opponents. He has an average of eighty-eight score in all categories. Even if he is surrounded by defenders of the opposing team, he can still assist an open man in scoring a point.

6. Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell recently moved to the Cavaliers, and it was a nightmare for Jazz as they knew his importance and skills. He features purple badges in the finishing and playmaking categories, while he features at least one gold badge in other categories except for the personality badge. Donovan Mitchell is an exceptional point and shooting guard with a height of over six feet. He has the speed of ninety-three.

7. Bill Walton

If you aren’t satisfied with your team’s performence, add Bill Walton to your team, as he has a strength rating of ninety-three. He deals with the centers of the other team easily and has the anchor badge. With this badge, he can snatch the ball from opponents to score a point. He can pass the ball to any open man nearby so they can score a point.

8. Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom is an ideal choice for the power forward as he can shoot the ball from a distance and score a few points in the process. The minimum score of his skills is eighty, while some skills are way better. He has a hall of fame badge named chase down artist, making him a good defender.

9. Rudy Gobert

Rudy Gobert is a center with silver badges in both playmaking and shooting, but that’s enough for a center in NBA 2K23. He is capable of shooting from close-range proximity. He is nicknamed “The Stifle tower,” suggesting that he can block most attacks. Rudy Gobert features a defensive rating of ninety-six, which is the highest. He is a good offender as well, with eighty-eight strength.

10. B.J. Armstrong

B.J. Armstrong has two halls of fame badges in his arsenal and can lift any team he is a part of to the finish line. He offers a shooting and playmaking score of eighty-eight, which is high compared to other diamond cards on this list. He is a point guard who can take the ball from the other team or help others in getting the ball.

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