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​NBA 2K23 Ronnie 2K Locations - Where to Find Ronnie 2K In the City

Jan-17-2023 PST NBA 2K23

With the return of Ronnie 2K in NBA 2K23, players are in for a treat with brand-new rewards. In this article, you’ll be able to find him at four locations, and you'll get rewards for each one.

Ronnie 2K returns to The City in NBA 2K23 as a playable character in the MyTeam mode. In NBA 2K23's story mode, players will be given the chance to create additional player builds within the new nba 2k23 myteam section if they complete the Rebirth questline. You need to know where Ronnie 2K can be found in The City if you want to complete the quest line, and his position will actually change several times over the course of the game without even a map marker to indicate that he has moved.

There is a lot of intrigue in the game as it delights in keeping you guessing as to exactly where and when you can find him, so we're here to lead you through the process of accomplishing this long quest and earning some great rewards in the process. As we mentioned earlier, Ronnie 2K can be found in NBA 2K23 in a number of different places. Let's Explore the places.

NBA 2K23: All Ronnie locations

There are four different locations in which Ronnie 2K can be found throughout the quest, and each time he appears, he will hand out a different reward to you. You will have to reach specific overall ratings for every encounter in order to earn the prizes given by Ronnie 2K.

65 OVR - 1st Location and Reward

You can easily locate the Northside Knights zone on the northeast side of the map if you've got your player with an overall rating of 65 or higher. You'll locate him just to the left of the Knights Terminal icon in the area where Ronnie 2K lives. A brilliant pink hoodie covers his whole body as he stands beside a dumpster in an area that is tough to miss. Getting a shirt with Ronnie's picture on the front may not feel like a worthwhile reward; however, the most effective is yet to find. Speak with him if you want to acquire such a t-shirt.

75 OVR - 2nd Location and Reward

The best way to arrive at the West Mall Station after you have reached 75 overall is to take the train. You will discover Ronnie at the eastern side of the terminal, in between the Finders Keepers as well as Embellish shops close by, simply eastern of the train station. Throughout this effort, he is going to reward you with the capacity to select where you will spawn when you go into The City. When highlighting any train terminal on the map and pushing the 'Select' timely when the station is highlighted, you will certainly have the ability to set a custom-made generate point for yourself.

88 OVR - 3rd Location and Reward

The work you need to do, once you have a maximum rating of 88 overall, is to make your way to North Station, which is located between the Northside Knights zone and North Station. Located northeast of the station, Ronnie appears to be standing underneath a large sign that reads, "2K Sports". As a third reward, the player will be given the ability to go shirtless while playing games in The City, which is an enjoyable feature.

90 OVR - 4rth Location and Reward

After reaching a 90 total rating, you need to then continue to the South City Vipers area, which is placed on the southwest edge of The City, simply south of Ronnie-2K's 2nd area within The City. Having waited near the entrance of the Viper's territory for the last few minutes, Ronnie is here to talk with you. It will not be long before Ronnie will let you use the rebirth feature once you have completed this game of hide and seek.

NBA 2K23: Exactly what does Rebirth do

As part of the rebirth system, players in MyCAREER will be able to start a new character with a brand new MyPLAYER Build while retaining a lot of their progress. As you'll need to work your MyPLAYER all the way up to 90 OVR before you can find Ronnie 2K in The City, it won't be an easy task. Even after you've achieved 90 OVR, you'll have the job of tracking down Ronnie 2K in The City. As soon as you complete the four requirements and find Ronnie 2K in all four different locations, you'll be able to unlock Rebirth along with a number of other prizes as a reward for meeting the requirements.

In case you complete the Rebirth quest, here are the rewards you will receive:

· Rebirth (An Amazing Reward)

· Shirt Off (Enjoy the play without a shirt)

· MVP Points 60,000+

· Sophie T-Shirt and Ronnie 2K

· Spawn Location (Locate where you want)

Final Thoughts

It is quite usual for players on their means to attaining that distinguished 99 overall rating to search for Ronnie 2K, the franchise's long-standing ambassador, that can be found inside The City each year for significant incentives once they have attained certain milestones on their trip in the direction of that prominent 99 overall rankings.