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​NBA 2K23 Thanksgiving Event Guide: Challenges, Rewards, Murals & Pink Diamonds

Dec-27-2022 PST news

Discover all there is to know about Thanksgiving celebrations in NBA 2K23's definitive guide. Find out all there is to know about the challenges, awards, and murals, as well as the pink diamonds.

The Thanksgiving Event for NBA 2K23 is now live, and players can win a wide variety of aptitudes by completing various objectives. In this guide, we will share thoughts on pg builds and show you how to get started, what tasks you will encounter, what awards you may receive, and how to get the most out of the event overall.

What Do You Need to Do to Start?

You can get started by heading to MyTEAM and clicking on the "Events" tab in the top-left corner of the screen. From there, you'll see the NBA 2K23 Thanksgiving Event listed. Click on the event and you will be redirected to the screen where you can sign up for the event. There is a total of 10 to complete, and each one will net you some rewards.

Some of the challenges are simple, like scoring a certain number of points, while others are more difficult, like winning a game with a specific player in your lineup. The rewards for completing these challenges range from 2k23 MT (MyTEAM currency) to Pink Diamond cards.

The Challenges You'll Face in the NBA 2K23 Thanksgiving Event

The NBA 2K23 Thanksgiving Event will present you with a number of challenges, all of which must be completed in order to earn the rewards associated with the event.

· The first challenge is to complete a set of five MyTEAM games, with each game featuring a different team. You'll need to win at least three of these games in order to progress to the next challenge.

· The second challenge is to score a total of 200 points in a single MyTEAM game. This can be done by either playing through an entire game or by simulating through it. However, you'll only have three chances to score 200 points, so make them count!

· The third challenge is to collect a total of 10 turkeys in MyTEAM games. These can be found by either playing games or by opening up packs. Once you've collected 10 turkeys, you'll need to take them to the Turkey Trotters store in order to exchange them for rewards.

· The fourth challenge is to win a MyTEAM game against a friend. This can be done online or offline, but you'll need to make sure that your friend is using a team with at least an 80 Overall rating.

· The fifth and final challenge is to create your own custom turkey in the MyTEAM Creation Zone. This turkey must be made from scratch and cannot be based on existing players or teams. Once you've created your turkey, you'll need to share it with the community via the Social Media tab in order to earn your reward.

The Rewards You Can Earn in the NBA 2K23 Thanksgiving Event

With the NBA 2K23 Thanksgiving Event, you will be able to earn a variety of rewards in different categories. These rewards include

1. Pink Diamonds

2. Murals

3. Thanksgiving-themed items for your MyPLAYER

Pink diamonds: It's a mystery which Pink Diamonds you'll get, but rest assured that none of them are up for bidding. The inability to sell this card will likely lead to a drop in market value as collectors liquidate their stock. For one thing, they may profit from selling their old ones.

There are many different types of cards out there, how many do you think there are? Please note that these are just cards from the first season. That being said, the following NBA 2K23 Thanksgiving cards will be available:

· Dwayne Wade

· Joel Embiid

· Stephen Curry

· Dominique Wilkins

· Damian Lillard

· Blake Griffin

· Khris Middleton

· Joe Johnson

· Kawhi Leonard

· Ja Morant

· Chris Bosh

· Zion Williamson

· Vince Carter

· Micheal Jordan

· Jayson Tatum

· Wilt Chamberlain

Murals: To get all or any of these parts, Happy Thanksgiving Challenges is your best bet. When you play 5Triple Threat offline, you're not competing for any prize or recognition; you're simply having fun with your friends.

Thanksgiving-themed items: Defeating the new Transcendent in the Skills Challenge would get you this. The challenges are simple and straightforward, and upon completion of the third one, you will be rewarded with a Thanksgiving-themed set of choices.

Maximize Your Experience with The NBA 2K23 Thanksgiving Event

In order to get the most out of the NBA 2K23 Thanksgiving Event, you'll want to complete as many challenges as possible. The more challenges you complete, the more rewards you'll be able to earn. You'll find that the more rewards you earn, the higher your chances of getting your hands on some pink diamonds when it comes to getting some pink diamonds. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start completing those challenges!