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Thanksgiving 2022 BIG Sale


Nov-18-2022 PST Tag: NBA 2K, NBA 2K MT, NBA 2K23 MT, buy NBA 2K23 MT, cheap NBA 2K23 MT

Hello, every one!

Much appreciated for your long-term support to MMOexp 2K MT service. With Thanksgiving Day coming now, MMOexp is dropping a Special Gift for every NBA 2K23 MT customer to give back to you all!

During the Thanksgiving Sale (Nov. 18th to Nov. 28), any customer whose unit order amount more than 1Million MT can get 10% extra bonus. For example, if you purchase 1M NBA 2K23 MT at MMOexp, your shopping cart would have 1M+100K Free MT, so you will receive 1.1M MT in the end.

Buy Cheap and Reliable NBA 2K MT service now!

Thanks once again, every one! Wish you happy Thanksgiving!

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