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​POE Efficient Act Guide: Act III

Mar-21-2020 PST path of exile


Welcome back to the Path of Exile efficient act and levelling guide, this guide is for act III. Just like in previous guides, regarding combat, just focus on large groups of enemies that are along your path. Make good use of the overlay map to avoid dead ends, particularly with some of the more varied zone layouts.

City of Sarn and the Slums

Following on from you defeat of the act II final boss the Vaal Oversoul at the pyramid apex in the ruined City of Sarn. There is only one layout here that doesn't change, so make your way up and left. Along the way through the ruins and towards the town you will meet Clarisa, you will have to save her from the Ebony Legion and afterwards speak to her so she will appear in town. make your way down the stairs and into the act III town, the Sarn Encampment. Don't hang around here, instead leave to top and right of the wall and enter the slums.

In the slums, move in a forward direction and you will eventually reach some sewer grates, from here take some stairs down into a valley and remain in this valley. Continue through the valley (usually up and to the right), traversing past various broken structures until you come to another set of stairs. Follow the wooden plank path above the trees and you will come to the crematorium.

The Crematorium and the Docks

As you enter the crematorium immediately locate and tag the waypoint. Move down and (usually) in a left direction also, there is another trial of ascendancy in this zone which you can choose to complete (as long as this is your first character on the league). Other than the trial, you should look for a large staircase, take it going up and here you can fight Piety and her guards. You need to kill all her guards, but only need to reduce Piety to 50% health for the fight to complete, afterwards click on Tolman and take the bracelet. After that return to town.

Back at the Sarn Encampment talk to Clarissa, who will now be here after you saved her, she will give you the keys to the sewer, which are accessible from the slums where you were before. Return to slums, located the grate to the sewer and use your newly acquired key on it. Once in the sewers move in an up and right direction until you come across a stash, open it and you will find a bust, take this. Finding this will begin the quest Victario's Secrets, that will reward you a useful skill point, in order to complete the quest you will need to find 2 other stashes. Keep on moving in a right direction, tag the wapoint when you find it and there you should find the second stash, take that bust and then move up to retrieve the final one. Keep going up and right after that final stash and you will eventually reach the marketplace.

Whilst the marketplace does have a few different layouts, generally you should moving in an up and right direction whilst looking out for an archway, once you pass this you should be in on a hallway with a red floor. There will be many statues alongside this path, keep following it until you reach the waypoint, tag it and then continue on until you reach the battlefront. Similar to the marketplace, the battlefront has few layouts but this time you should go up and left, go up some stairs and tag the waypoint in this zone. After then head down and left and you will meet Captain Aurelianus, once you have defeated him you can retrieve the ribbon spool. After that fight, move up and left again going down and past the stairs, and past the barriers until you reach the docks entrance.

Unlike the previous zones, the docks has many layouts and can be tricky to navigate, due care should be taken to avoid heading down many dead ends. Generally you should move in a left direction keep an eye out for some stairs along the docks as down one of them you will find the thaumetic sulphite. Once you have found it return to town and talk to any NPC's you need to in order to complete your quests. After you are done in town take the waypoint back to the battlefront, near where you killed Captain Aurelianus. This time move up and left until you reach the entrance to the solaris temple.

Solaris and Lunaris Temples

The first level of the Solaris Temple has a very straightforward layout, just follow the red carpet until you reach the entrance to the second level, whilst there is a waypoint on this first level you shouldn't really need to go out of your way to tag it. The second level is very similar to first, with perhaps slightly more variation and dead ends. Follow the carpet once again, tag the waypoint and talk to Lady Dialla. Retrieve your rewards and then using the waypoint, return to the sewers.

Using the infernal talc that Lady Dialla will have given you, clear the blockage, allowing you to enter the Ebony Barracks, belonging to the Ebony Legion. Go up, tag the waypoint, go up some stairs and then you meet Gravicious, be careful in this fight for his fire based attacks such as firestorm and molten shell. Once you have killed him, go left and you will find the entrance to the Lunaris Temple.

In the first level of the Lunaris Temple you can once again just follow the red carpet until you reach the second level, there are a few tricky enemies in the first level you should be careful around. On the second level you should tag the waypoint, choosing to return to town in order to collect quest rewards is beneficial also. The second level is much more complex with many potential layouts, look for some thin staircases, walk up 3 sets of them in total. You should now be on a floor with many carts, go in the direction of the singular cart, travel past the cages and then take the stairs down to the orange portal.

You will now fight Piety for the second time. She will take differing forms during this fight, initially she will fight in her normal form, and use arc, lightning ball, lightning storm and lightning warp attacks. She will move towards the blue and orange teleport giving herself stronger cold and fire based attacks respectively. Once you defeat her make sure to retrieve the tower key, then return to town.

The Sceptre of God and Dominus, the High Templar

From town, collect all your quest rewards and assign skill points as you wish. Afterwards waypoint to the ebony barracks then immediately go right into the imperial gardens. Follow the road in this zone, tag the waypoint which you'll find at the crossroads. At the end of the road you will find the Sceptre of God. Navigate this in a similar manner to the pyramid in act II, with up and diagonally adjacent stairs, eventually taking you to the upper Sceptre of God. The upper Sceptre of God is much the same as the previous with just some different aesthetics, ascend this and reach the act III final boss, Dominus, the High Templar.

At the start of the fight you must defeat three guards, all with unique attacks, although these shouldn't be too tricky. Dominus will attack in two phases, the first he will attack with the following: spawning searing bond totems that will deal cold damage to you, cast lightning type projectiles, use ground slam and also utilise flicker strike to get within your range quickly. The second phase he will attack as a mutated creature, just stay in his bubble to avoid the blood rain outside of this bubble, his melee attack in this form isn't too dangerous. Once defeated, that is the end of act III.

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