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​Trying to be idealistic about Madden 22

Jul-19-2021 PST Madden 22

I've been attempting to be hopeful about Madden 22 since the devs have been promising to redo establishment mode. The current year's update looks encouraging yet there are as yet principal defects that can't be fixed with another menu framework.

- The game is reliant upon foreordained livelinesss. How frequently have you stopped to watch a replay of a DB transporting his arms through your WR's body to block a pass? How frequently do you know promptly that your field objective is going to be impeded? These prearranged occasions ruin the satisfaction in the game.

- AI Logic. Will the Browns actually discharge Baker Mayfield each offseason? Will The Jags give Tom Brady in let loose organization to begin Trevor Lawrence since Brady's OVR is 1 point higher? Consistently you progress through in Franchise Mode gets increasingly more unreasonable because of the helpless AI rationale. Groups will draft a QB first in general when they have a hotshot x-factor QB on their freshman arrangement. Different groups will convey 8 running backs all through the season.

- On-field Logic. Holding the run button implies that your blockers withdraw their squares. How could that be as yet in the game? What number of ensured scores have been demolished on the grounds that your lineman chosen he needed to pivot and hurry to his own endzone? WRs will run past DBs, leaving you to be posse handled for no increase. Beneficiaries additionally decline to assault the ball at its most elevated point, letting more limited DBs Moss them for interferences.

- Player Development. This probably won't be a major one for certain players, however for me it ruins long haul establishments. Groups are excessively reliant upon their characterized plans when they foster players. This implies that after around 4-5 seasons, you will see more youthful corners with 99 man inclusion, and 58 zone inclusion. Hostile linemen will be pushed to the limit in run obstructing while at the same time having terrible elapse hindering abilities. This lopsided advancement implies that no players will be adjusted and free office gets pointless.

- Pretty show doesn't make your game more fun. The trailers and publicity recordings show a wide range of pre-game introductions with flyovers and player presentations, however what number of games do you play until you become weary of seeing them and start to simply jump to the game? Regardless of whether there was a strong halftime show, what number of individuals would truly need to watch it?

- Some straightforward bugs have never disappeared. When exploring and drafting, the "Hold to reorder" menu springs up and sticks on the screen, and on the off chance that you don't fix it before you get done with drafting, you need to exit and resume your establishment to make it disappear. This has been an issue since Madden 19. How does a bug like that endure across several years? Will we truly trust their tender loving care and obligation to the game in the event that they overlook things like that?

- You can't play establishment mode at dispatch. Consistently there are down breaking bugs or missing highlights that don't get fixed until late-summer. This implies that any Franchise you start on dispatch day will be stuck without the fix. In the event that you care about your drawn out establishment, you need to sit tight a couple of months for the new highlights and fixes to be completely executed.

Go ahead and toll in case I'm being over-sensational or in case I'm criticizing the game. I need the current year's down to be agreeable, however we've been singed too often to get our expectations up. I need to urge everybody to not drop 60-70 dollars on this game at dispatch until we can be certain that it's going the correct way.

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