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​Will Madden at any point be acceptable once more

Aug-24-2021 PST Madden 22

Consistently I hold out trust that the game will improve. I realize it likely will not occur yet I actually have that expectation ahead of the pack up to the new game.

I was truly amped up for the possibility of Madden getting back to some similarity to decency on the cutting edge consoles.

I needed to accept that with the new equipment Ea could modify and retool the game. Fix the heritage issues.

I didn't will play 21 cutting edge last year and I figured it was generally advantageous. Give the group an entire year to truly open the capability of the new equipment.

I thought with the new frameworks and additional time we would see a further developed item here and there the field. Better ongoing interaction and more profundity in establishment.

Watching the ongoing interaction recordings of this game so far is simply discouraging. I'm not even irate any longer, im simply dismal.

It doesn't take after real football.

It's generally similar issues the game has had for the last decade for certain high res illustrations and additional show slapped on.

I'm really beginning to figure they don't have the foggiest idea how to fix the game. It resembles they're not sure how football really functions.

They can't get fundamental player connections and line play right. It's stunning.

The game runs totally off of pre canned movements which kills the whole game. Its like material science don't exist inside the game by any means.

This is one of the fundamental issues with the game and the explanation it still up in the air and slow.

I can't trust it's 2021 they actually haven't understood what's going on with the game.

I realized Madden presumably wouldn't be pretty much as great as it used to be once more, however presently I'm becoming persuaded it will not be acceptable as a reproduction game once more.

Will we at any point get a decent game once more? I'm beginning to figure we will not on the grounds that they don't understand that it's awful.

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