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​Wonderful Timing User Catches

Dec-18-2020 PST Madden 21

At the present time the ideal planning client picks are pretty overwhelmed at this moment and are most likely the greatest thing destroying serious infuriate play for me. 

It appears to be that if the client controlled DB is anyplace close to the ball they will catch it over the beneficiary if the liveliness is ludicrous.

Why not organization a planning based catch for the beneficiary to go up and attempt to make a play ready as well?

Make challenged balls a planning based fight between the hostile and protective players with the hostile player having the bit of leeway (to reflect recipients advantage in genuine football).

Likewise have half of these gets simply fall deficient. An idiotic 50/50 ball to a terrible matchup (or even a decent coordinate) doesn't need to be a programmed capture attempt without fail.

Separate livelinesss should be undeniably more normal and the DBs should come fitted with drop movements simply like collectors.

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