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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Reckoning Paladin PvP Quick Guide

Apr-08-2024 PST WOW SoD Classic

World of Warcraft is a multiplayer role-playing sensation from the house of Blizzard. It tells the story of the people of the world of Azeroth. All the orcs, trolls and Tauren will be joining hands with undead Forsaken. They will be fighting under the guidance of Stormwind. WoW features various seasons to provide players with new gameplay content from time to time. The current season is called the WoW Classic Season of Discovery.

This season brings various new challenges for fans of player-vs-player game mode. When it comes to preparation for each season, you need to choose a character that will help you deal with challenges. For the Season of Discovery, the best character is Paladin. In Season of Discovery, you'll start a whole new journey in Azeroth by creating a new character and leveling up again. The current level cap of the season of level twenty-five. This season also features a whole new raid system where ten players can take on challenges together.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Reckoning Paladin PvP Quick Guide

Why Paladin for PVP?

Now, the question stands why would you go with Paladin for this PVP season out of all the available classes? There are many reasons as to why Paladin is your best choice. The best reason is that it is a tank class that has all the much-needed abilities. Paladins are what everyone dreams of in a player vs. player fight.

Paladin PVP Guide

Let's start our reckoning Paladin PVP build guide with talents. To master the Reckoning Paladin in the Season of Discovery, you need to focus on everything from gears to talents and playstyle. Get help from your team to defeat enemies with Paladin. If you want to stay undefeated on the battlefield, focus on maximum burst damage and survivability.


Talents are the backbone of every build and choosing the right talents will ensure your success. When setting the Paladin talent tree, focus on abilities such as Precision, toughness, and Redoubt. These abilities will make sure that you'll survive on the battlefield till the end. You'll need extra protection so focus on the protection tree.

The second priority should be the retribution tree. In this talent tree, choose Divine, strength, conviction, and benediction as your main skills. These skills will boost your damage output to a great extent. Reckoning skill is the foundation of the Paladin build. With this skill, you can give your enemies a burst of damage by storing various charges of a critical hit.


Along with talents, you also need good gear to get the most out of the Paladin build, you can buy cheap WoW Classic SoD Gold from mmoexp.com to build it quickly. To stay alive on the battlefield, use gear with high armor and stamina. Also, choose gear that increases your critical strike chance as it will pair well with the reckoning talent. If you have already unlocked both retribution and protection gear sets, choose mixed gears from both sets for good attack and defense. With good weapons, Paladin isn’t effective for player vs. player battles.

Choose a two-handed weapon as it will deal good damage to enemies. You don’t need a weapon that has high swing speed so high damage should be your priority. Some good weapons for Reckoning Paladin include Ice barbed spear and the unstoppable force. If you think that the protection from enemy attacks isn’t good enough even after you have used all the best talents in the protection tree. Choose a shield for added protection. Any shield will be good but shields with high block value should be your priority.


Playstyle also matters a lot because, without the correct technique, your talents and gear won’t do much. Here are some playstyle tips to get the most out of the Reckoning Paladin for PVP.

Positioning – Position is important for a Paladin. You can control the battlefield with your mobility. To avoid enemy attacks, use the terrain to your advantage.

Rotate Burst Damage – The core strength of a reckoning Paladin is the burst damage. To get the reckoning charge, you need enemies to critically strike you. This will store charges that you can later unleash on enemies to catch them off guard and deal a lot of damage to them.

Communicate with Team – When you engage in a player-vs-player fight, you need to communicate with your teammates to win the fight. Make sure that your team is focusing on the main targets. This way, you can use the reckoning skill to unleash charges on enemies. Time your attacks according to the position of your enemies.

Use Supportive Abilities – Supportive abilities may not look great at first but they are also important. Some of the best supportive abilities for Paladin are Lay on Hands and Blessing of Freedom. With the help of lay Hands ability, your chances of survival will be increased to a great extent. Blessing of Freedom is great for crowd control. Both are useful for PVP battles.

MMOexp WoW Classic SoD Team