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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3

Mar-26-2024 PST WOW SoD Classic

World of Warcraft Classic is a role-playing game that tells the story of the third war. The Burning Legion is invading the Azeroth after using the Scourge to cause havoc across the world. Orcs and trolls are at the risk of persecution in this war. Due to this war, they set on a new adventure to search for a new home. In this adventure, they reached a new place called the Kalimdor where they met with Tauren and became friends.

In WoW Classic, you'll be exploring Azeroth with your teammates and defeating monsters. World of Warcraft Classic is one of the best titles in the series because it features a lot more content. Developers also release new phases of content from time to time and the current phase is released. In this guide, we’ll share everything that you need to know about the third phase of the Season of Discovery.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3

What are the Phases in World of Warcraft Classic?

World of Warcraft Classic features phases. These are patches of content that are added by developers from time to time. These phases are released according to a schedule so players can enjoy content from the last phase without rushing to the latest phase. The length of each phase depends on the content but the longest of all the phases was three months long. Each phase also features a level cap and the level cap of phase 3 is level fifty.

Season of Discovery Phase 3

The Season of Discovery is the latest in World of Warcraft Classic. This season was released to add new content to the game without introducing a new expansion. Developers plan to launch the Season of Discovery in various phases. The Phase 3 will be released in Spring 2024. Many new changes are coming to the Season of Discovery in Phase 3. The biggest change is that the level cap is increased to level fifty. Also, new runes will be added to the game. The professional level cap is also increased to level three hundred but this isn’t confirmed by developers. The only detail shared by the developers is that you need level forty-one to upgrade the profession. Professional specializations will also be available in Phase 3 of Season of Discovery. A new raid is also coming in this phase. This is a level fifty raid that will feature twenty players in a team.

How to prepare for Season of Discovery Phase 3?

Now that you have all the details about Phase 3 of Season of Discovery, it is time to prepare for the upcoming phase so you can get the most out of it. Here are the tips to prepare for the Spring 2024 Phase.

- The first step is to level up all the classes that you want to play with in Phase 3 to Level forty.

- Secondly, get your hands on some good quality raid gear.

- Complete the weekly Ashenvale quest and boost up your Warsong reputation to revered.

- In Player-vs-player mode, achieve Rank 3. By doing so, you'll get a ten percent discount on the vendor along with a cloak.

- For Phase 3, maximize your reputation by participating in Arathi Basin. You can also take part in the Strangle Thorn Vale Player-vs-player event for extra reputation.

- For Season of Discovery Phase 3, invest your WoW Classic SoD gold in an item to double it.

- You have a main profession in World of Warcraft Classic and you should level it up to level two hundred and twenty-five. By using waylaid supplies, you can also earn some money while leveling your profession.

- First aid is very important for phase 3 and you should level it up to level two hundred and twenty-five. You can have multiple characters in WoW Classic so it is advised to level other required skills to this level. Another important skill is Cooking skill which you should level up to two hundred and twenty-five.

- If you have time, learn new weapon skills and level them up to the max for added benefit. You don’t have to hit the level cap for the weapon skills. Any weapon skill level is good. This is important if you want to deal with Phase 3 with classes such as Warriors.

- If you have time, also work on getting some flight points. They aren’t that important but for those who don’t have anything to do, this will help them in Phase 3. Flight points will help you a lot when you level up your character using dungeons.

If you have managed to follow all these tips, congratulations as you'll have a strong character to start Phase 3 of Season of Discovery. The Season of Discovery features many hidden secrets in Azeroth. These secrets aren’t mentioned in the game and you have to find them by yourself. For some secrets, you’ll also have to solve some puzzles.

MMOexp WoW Classic SoD Team