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A Guide to EA FC 24 Standard and Ultimate Edition

Mar-20-2024 PST FC 24

EA FC 24, the latest release from the EA Sports FC series, has brought a wave of excitement with its cutting-edge features such as HyperMotionV technology, Opta-optimized PlayStyles, and a revamped Frostbite Engine. This installment replaces the FIFA series, marking a new era for football simulation gaming enthusiasts. However, with two editions available – the Standard Edition and the Ultimate Edition – players are faced with the decision of which one to choose. In this guide, we explore the features, benefits, and considerations for both editions to help you make an informed choice.

A Guide to EA FC 24 Standard and Ultimate Edition

Standard Edition Overview:

Priced at 70 pounds and released on September 29, the Standard Edition caters to the majority of players. Those who focus on game modes such as PRO Clubs or Career Mode, and aren't heavily invested in Ultimate Team, will find the Standard Edition to be a suitable and cost-effective choice. Special offers during the game's release or holiday season make this edition an attractive option for most players.

Ultimate Edition Features:

The Ultimate Edition, priced at 100 pounds and released seven days earlier on September 22, comes with several pre-order benefits. These include seven days of early access, 4600 FC points, and access to the Nike Ultimate Team Campaign. Ultimate Edition buyers also receive a Nike x EA Sports FC Ultimate Team Kit, an untradeable Team of the Week 1 Ultimate Team Player item, and a UEFA Champions League or UEFA Women's Champions League Ultimate Team Hero item on November 27.

Who Should Opt for the Ultimate Edition?

Players who are avid Ultimate Team enthusiasts and content creators will benefit the most from the Ultimate Edition. The seven days of early access provide a significant advantage for earning FC 24 coins and engaging in various game modes. Additionally, the included FC points can be used strategically for packs or special promotions. Early access is crucial for content creators who wish to produce and share content right from the game's launch.

Pre-order Benefits and How to Save Money:

Ordering the Ultimate Edition before August 22 grants additional pre-order benefits, including a Nike Ultimate Team Campaign Loan Player Item and up to seven days of early access. To save money, players can utilize EA Play to get a 10% discount on both editions. Gift cards and other promotional offers can also be explored to further reduce the cost of the game.

Whether you opt for the Standard or Ultimate Edition of EA FC 24 depends on your gaming preferences, budget, and playstyle. EA FC 24 offers a diverse range of features to cater to casual, moderate, and hardcore players alike, promising the most authentic football experience to date.

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