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A Guide to the Best Defenders in FC 24 Ultimate Team Mode

Apr-11-2024 PST FC 24

In the high-stakes arena of EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team mode, victory hinges on assembling a formidable squad capable of thwarting opponents' attacks. With FC 24 Coins at your disposal, selecting the right defenders can be the difference between success and defeat.

A Guide to the Best Defenders in FC 24 Ultimate Team Mode

Virgil Van Dijk stands tall as an unrivaled force in EA FC 24, his imposing physique effortlessly outmatching attackers. With Bruiser PlayStyle Plus enhancing his defensive prowess, coupled with Jockey, Block, Anticipate, and Aerial PlayStyles, Van Dijk is a force to be reckoned with. His versatility, showcased by his alternative Striker position, further solidifies his status as a defensive titan.

Ruben Dias emerges as another stalwart defender, mirroring his real-world reliability in the virtual realm. With exceptional tackling, marking, and blocking abilities, Dias anchors the defense and turns the tide in tight encounters.

Wendie Renard, Lyon's defensive powerhouse, boasts the highest DEF stat in the game. Her formidable strength and aerial dominance make her a formidable obstacle for opposing strikers, while her scoring prowess adds an offensive dimension to her game.

Mapi Leon, Barcelona's defensive stalwart, follows closely behind Renard with an impressive DEF rating. Her exploits in Liga F and the Champions League underline her defensive prowess, making her a valuable asset in any backline.

Eder Militao's consistent performances for Real Madrid earn him a solid rating in FC 24, despite lacking a specific playstyle. His reliability and defensive acumen make him a dependable option for any Ultimate Team.

Joao Cancelo may not be renowned for his defensive abilities in real life, but his EA FC 24 item showcases his prowess in this aspect. With an impressive rating and intriguing defensive stats, Cancelo offers a dynamic option in defense.

Laurent Blanc emerges as a defensive linchpin, offering versatility and solidity in various formations. His unique combination of PlayStyles, notably Anticipate Plus, sets him apart as a top-tier defender, capable of nullifying even the most potent attacking threats.

In selecting defenders for your Ultimate Team, consider these standout players for their defensive prowess and game-changing abilities. Utilize EA FC 24 Coins to acquire these players from the Transfer Market and forge a formidable defense that can withstand any challenge.

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