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Best Premier League TOTS Cards in EA FC 24

May-24-2024 PST FC 24

The end of the Premier League season brings the highly anticipated Team of the Season (TOTS) event in EA Sports FC 24. Fans vote for a squad of eleven first-team players and six substitutes, each receiving special cards with boosted stats. These TOTS cards are sought after but often come with hefty price tags. This guide highlights the best TOTS cards, focusing on their value and performance to help you decide where to invest your EAFC 24 coins.

Best Premier League TOTS Cards in EA FC 24

8. Alexis Mac-Allister

Very Affordable

Shooting: 91

Passing: 92

Dribbling: 93

Alexis Mac-Allister has had an impressive debut season with Liverpool, earning him a solid TOTS card. With excellent passing and shooting stats, he is a versatile player. An anchor chemistry style boosts his defending, pace, and physicality to 90, making him a great budget option at around 88,000 coins.

7. Cole Palmer

Young Player Of The Year

Pace: 95

Shooting: 92

Dribbling: 93

Cole Palmer, the Young Player of the Year, stands out with his high pace, shooting, and dribbling. His left-footed finesse shots and 99-rated penalty stat make him a lethal attacker. Palmer is ideal for scoring goals and creating opportunities, costing around 120,000 coins.

6. Phil Foden

Player Of The Year

Pace: 94

Shooting: 91

Dribbling: 96

Phil Foden's TOTS card, although slightly underrated, is exceptional for dribbling with a 99 acceleration. His Tiki Taka and Technical playstyle plus encourages quick play, and with 93 finishing, he's a reliable goal scorer. Foden's versatility across the front line makes him a valuable asset.

5. Bukayo Saka

Arsenal's Star Boy

Pace: 95

Shooting: 92

Dribbling: 96

Bukayo Saka's TOTS card mirrors Foden's with high pace and dribbling. Saka is excellent for attacking down the wings and cutting inside for finesse shots. His 5-star weak foot and Relentless playstyle plus enhance his effectiveness, making him a versatile and formidable player.

4. Rodri

The Key To Success

Pace: 89

Defending: 96

Physicality: 94

Rodri, the best defensive midfielder in real life, shines in FC 24 with outstanding defending and physicality stats. A Shadow chemistry style boosts his pace to 95, making him a dominant force in midfield. His 96 long shots and 99 shot power add a surprising goal threat.

3. Mohamed Salah

One Of The Old Guard

Pace: 95

Shooting: 95

Dribbling: 95

Mohamed Salah continues to be a top winger with his TOTS card. With incredible dribbling, pace, and the Finesse Shot Playstyle, Salah is a goal-scoring machine. His First Touch playstyle plus and 94 ball control make him a nightmare for defenders.

2. Virgil Van Dijk

One Of The Best Cards Ever

Pace: 92

Defending: 97

Physicality: 94

Virgil Van Dijk is arguably the best defender in FC 24. His 92 pace, combined with 97 defending and 94 physicality, makes him a formidable wall at the back. Priced at around 7 million coins, Van Dijk's Jockey and Anticipate playstyle plus further enhance his defensive capabilities.

1. Erling Haaland

The Ultimate Striker

Pace: 97

Shooting: 99

Dribbling: 92

Erling Haaland, the Premier League's top goal-scorer, boasts an exceptional TOTS card. With 97 pace, 99 shooting, and a 5-star weak foot, Haaland is a powerhouse. His towering 6ft 5in stature and versatile finishing ability make him worth the 10 million coin investment.


The Premier League TOTS event in EA Sports FC 24 offers some of the best cards in the game. While many are expensive, players like Alexis Mac-Allister provide excellent value for those on a budget. Investing in top performers like Haaland or Van Dijk can significantly enhance your team's performance, You can look for cheap FC 24 coins at MMOexp to top up your inventory if you have no FC coins.

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