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Cheapest 89-Rated Players in FC 24 Ultimate Team

May-17-2024 PST FC 24

In the world of FC 24 Ultimate Team, finding the cheapest 89-rated players can be a game-changer, especially when it comes to completing high-rated Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). With Team of the Season (TOTS) in full swing, SBCs are more prevalent and often require higher-rated squads, making it crucial to maximize your in-game currency efficiently. This guide lists the most affordable 89-rated players to help you save FC coins and FC Points.

Why You Need Affordable 89-Rated Players

During major promos like TOTS, SBCs can quickly drain your FC 24 UT Coins and FC Points balance. Overpaying for high-rated cards is a common pitfall that can be easily avoided with the right information. Knowing the cheapest options allows you to complete SBCs more economically, ensuring you can take full advantage of the promos without breaking the bank.

Cheapest 89-Rated Players in Ultimate Team

Here are eleven of the cheapest 89-rated players available in the online game mode at the time of writing. These players will help you complete those daily SBCs a bit more affordably:

Cheapest 89-Rated Players in FC 24 Ultimate Team

Despite the demand for 89-rated players due to TOTS and Icon SBCs, the prices for these cards have seen a decrease. The current price is approximately 2,000 coins lower on average compared to previous months. However, the drop isn't as significant as with 87-rated and 88-rated players, likely due to the frequent requirement for 89-rated squads in recent SBCs.

Cost of an 89-Rated Squad

As of now, assembling an 89-rated squad will cost you at least 120,000 coins. This is a considerable reduction from about a month ago, where the cost was around 230,000 coins. While this is still a significant investment, selecting the right players can make it more manageable.

Tips for Maximizing Value

Monitor the Market: Player prices fluctuate, especially during promos. Keep an eye on the market to buy at the right time.

Use Untradeables: Utilize untradeable players from packs or rewards to fill in your squads whenever possible.

Complete SBCs for Packs: Engage in SBCs that offer pack rewards to increase your chances of obtaining high-rated players without spending coins.

Stay Updated: Follow FC 24 community channels for the latest tips and price updates to stay ahead of the market trends.


By knowing the cheapest 89-rated players, you can significantly reduce the cost of completing high-rated SBCs during the TOTS promo and beyond. Use the list provided to make informed purchases and stretch your in-game currency further. Whether you're filling out your team for crucial SBCs or simply looking to save, these players offer the best value for your EA FC 24 coins.

Happy gaming, and may your squad-building be efficient and successful!

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