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Completing the TOTS Joshua Zirkzee Objectives Challenge in EA FC 24

May-30-2024 PST FC 24

Team of the Season (TOTS) is one of the most exciting events in EA Sports FC 24, offering players a chance to earn high-rated cards through various objectives. The latest inclusion is Joshua Zirkzee, whose 92-rated card can be a valuable addition to your team. This guide will help you complete the TOTS Joshua Zirkzee Objectives Challenge efficiently.

Completing the TOTS Joshua Zirkzee Objectives Challenge in EA FC 24

Overview of the TOTS Joshua Zirkzee Objectives

Joshua Zirkzee's challenge celebrates his impressive season, requiring players to complete tasks involving Dutch and Serie A players. The objectives are straightforward and can be completed on minimum Semi-Pro difficulty in Squad Battles or online in Rivals or Champions.

Objectives and Requirements

1.Praised Striker

Requirement: Score 11 goals.

Reward: Two players 80+ and 500 EXP.

2.Dutch Talent

Requirement: Assist five goals with a player from the Netherlands.

Reward: Two players 81+.

3.Play 8

Requirement: Play eight matches.

Reward: Two players 81+ and 500 EXP.

4.European Contenders

Requirement: Win five matches with a minimum of three Serie A players in your starting 11.

Reward: Five players 75+.

Strategy for Completing Objectives Quickly

To efficiently complete the TOTS Joshua Zirkzee Objectives, follow these steps:

1. Building Your Squad

You need at least one Dutch player and three Serie A players in your starting lineup. Consider these Dutch players for your team:

Denzel Dumfries (Inter Milan)

Wesley Sneijder (Hero)

Rick Karsdorp (Roma FC)

Tijjani Reijnders (Milan)

Teun Koopmeiners (Bergamo Calcio)

Davy Klaassen (Inter Milan)

Stefan de Vrij (Inter Milan)

These players can help fulfill both the Dutch and Serie A requirements. For a balanced squad, consider including:

Goalkeeper: Serie A player

Defenders: Combination of Dutch and Serie A players

Midfielders: Dutch players for assists

Forwards: Players with good shooting stats for scoring goals

2. Playing the Matches

Praised Striker: Scoring 11 goals can be achieved by focusing on matches against weaker opponents in Squad Battles. Use forwards with high shooting stats and ensure your Dutch players are positioned to make key passes.

Dutch Talent: Assisting five goals with a Dutch player is easiest with a midfielder or winger. Adjust your playstyle to either cross frequently if using wingers or pass through the middle if using a central midfielder.

Play 8: Simply play eight matches in any mode. If you aim to complete other objectives simultaneously, this will naturally progress.

European Contenders: Win five matches with three Serie A players in your starting lineup. Choose a balanced squad with a strong defense and attack. Consider playing on Semi-Pro difficulty in Squad Battles to increase your chances of winning.

Tips for Success

Custom Tactics: Adjust your tactics to suit your playstyle. For example, if you rely on wing play, set your wingers to stay wide and cross often. If you prefer short passing, set your team to play possession football.

Substitutes: If your Dutch or Serie A players are underperforming, consider bringing them on as substitutes to fulfill the objective requirements without compromising your overall team performance.

Match Selection: When playing Squad Battles, choose matches against teams with lower ratings and chemistry. This will make scoring and assisting easier.

Track Progress: Keep an eye on your progress in the objectives menu. This will help you stay focused and ensure you meet all requirements.


Completing the TOTS Joshua Zirkzee Objectives will reward you with:

Joshua Zirkzee TOTS Card: A versatile striker with Power Shot, Power Header, and Rapid PlayStyles, making him effective in various attacking scenarios.

EXP and Player Packs: Completing each challenge rewards you with player packs and EXP, helping you progress in the season pass and potentially earning more valuable cards.


The TOTS Joshua Zirkzee Objectives Challenge in EA Sports FC 24 is a great opportunity to earn a high-rated card and FC 24 coins rewards. By following this guide and focusing on efficient squad building and match strategies, you can complete the objectives quickly and add Joshua Zirkzee to your team. Good luck, and enjoy the game!

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