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Diablo 4 Season 4: How to Farm Wolf's Honor Fast

Jun-04-2024 PST Diablo4

Season 4 in Diablo 4 has introduced significant changes with the "Loot Reborn" update, overhauling the loot system to give players more control over their builds and equipment. One of the exciting additions this season is the opportunity to aid the Iron Wolves by accumulating Wolf's Honor, which can be exchanged for exclusive rewards, such as rare materials, Legendary Items, and Uniques. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to farm Wolf's Honor quickly.

Diablo 4 Season 4: How to Farm Wolf's Honor Fast

Best Ways to Farm Wolf's Honor

Helltide Zones

The primary method to earn Wolf's Honor is by defeating enemies in Helltide zones. The Helltide zone changes every hour and lasts for one hour. During this period, all enemies in the Helltide region drop Wolf's Honor. Although playing in these zones naturally progresses you through the 18 Wolf's Honor levels, optimizing your strategy can speed up the process.

Focus on Elites and Blood Maiden

Target Elites: Elites drop significantly more Wolf's Honor compared to regular enemies. Always prioritize these tougher foes when you encounter them.

Summon the Blood Maiden: The Blood Maiden is a boss that grants a substantial amount of Wolf's Honor. Summon her using three Baneful Hearts at the Accursed Ritual site, marked by a horned demon icon on your map. Defeating her will give you a considerable boost in Wolf's Honor.

Raise Your Threat Level

Increasing your Threat level within the Helltide will periodically spawn stronger enemies and Elites, which drop more Wolf's Honor. Use the Profane Mindcage consumable to raise the level of enemies in the Helltide by 10. This makes all enemies tougher but rewards you with more Wolf's Honor per kill.

Open Tortured Chests

Opening Tortured Chests during the Helltide provides a large amount of Wolf's Honor. Always spend your Aberrant Cinders on these chests before the Helltide ends, as these cinders do not carry over to the next Helltide. This is one of the best methods to quickly accumulate Wolf's Honor.

Urn of Iron Season Blessing

Boost the amount of Wolf's Honor you earn by upgrading the Urn of Iron Season Blessing. Spend your Smoldering Ashes here to increase the Wolf's Honor gained from all sources by up to 20%. This upgrade significantly enhances your farming efficiency, making it a crucial step in optimizing your grind.

Wolf's Honor Rewards

Progressing through the 18 ranks of Wolf's Honor with the Iron Wolves yields various rewards. Here's a breakdown of what you can earn at each rank:

Rank 1: Iron Wolves' Weapon

Rank 2: Captain's Gloves

Rank 3: Iron Wolves' Messenger Gear

Rank 4: Traces of the Maiden

Rank 5: Natural Motion (Magic) Tempering Manual

Rank 6: The Iron Wolves' Most Dependable

Rank 7: Glimmering Herb Supply

Rank 8: Iron Wolves' Armory

Rank 9: Iron Wolves Vanity Chest

Rank 10: Natural Motion (Rare) Tempering Manual

Rank 11: Iron Wolves' Heroic Spirit

Rank 12: Putrid Soul Collection

Rank 13: Cages of Hubris

Rank 14: Iron Wolves' Herbalist Hoard

Rank 15: Natural Motion (Legendary) Tempering Manual

Rank 16: Iron Wolves' Final Harvest

Rank 17: Unspeakable Goods

Rank 18: Highest Honors of the Iron Wolves


Farming Wolf's Honor in Diablo 4 Season 4 involves strategic play in Helltide zones, focusing on Elites, summoning and defeating the Blood Maiden, raising your Threat level, opening Tortured Chests, and upgrading the Urn of Iron Season Blessing. By following these methods, you'll efficiently earn Wolf's Honor and unlock the exclusive rewards offered by the Iron Wolves. Embrace the challenges of Helltide and get Diablo 4 Season 4 Gold and rare D4 items/materials, reap the benefits of your dedication and skill in Diablo 4!

MMOexp Diablo 4 Team