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EA FC 24: Completing Thunderstruck Lee Kang-in SBC - Solutions and Costs

Dec-02-2023 PST FC 24

On November 29, EA Sports unveiled an exciting addition to the Thunderstruck promotion in their popular game mode, FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). This time, players have the opportunity to earn the highly sought-after 86 OVR card of Paris Saint-Germain's left-winger, Lee Kang-in. This card not only boasts an impressive overall rating but also features four different play styles and 4-star skill moves, making it a valuable asset for any FUT squad. 

Lee Kang-in SBC

The Thunderstruck Lee Kang-in SBC comes with specific requirements that need to be met in order to unlock the player card. These requirements include having players in top form and from the Ligue 1. Let's delve into the solutions and costs associated with completing this SBC.

To fulfill the top form requirement, players need to include a squad with a minimum chemistry of 80 and at least one player from each of the following leagues: Premier League, La Liga Santander, Bundesliga, Serie A TIM, and Ligue 1 Uber Eats. This means that you will need to build a team that showcases a diverse range of players from these leagues while maintaining good chemistry.

Starting with the Premier League, some affordable options that can help meet the chemistry requirements include players like Lucas Digne from Everton, Kieran Tierney from Arsenal, and Richarlison from Everton. These players not only represent the Premier League but also possess decent ratings and can contribute effectively to your squad.

Moving on to La Liga Santander, you can consider including players like Ferland Mendy from Real Madrid, Marc-André ter Stegen from Barcelona, and Mario Hermoso from Atletico Madrid. These players offer a solid foundation for your team while fulfilling the league requirement.

For the Bundesliga, players such as Nico Schulz from Borussia Dortmund, Luka Jovic from Eintracht Frankfurt, and Christopher Nkunku from RB Leipzig can be excellent additions to your squad. They not only enhance the chemistry but also bring their unique skills and attributes to the table.

When it comes to Serie A TIM, you can opt for players like Alex Sandro from Juventus, Gianluigi Donnarumma from Paris Saint-Germain, and Rodrigo De Paul from Atletico Madrid. These players provide a strong Serie A presence in your team and can contribute significantly to its success.

Lastly, in order to fulfill the requirement of having a player from Ligue 1 Uber Eats, you can choose from a variety of options, including Wissam Ben Yedder from AS Monaco, Memphis Depay from Barcelona, and Eduardo Camavinga from Real Madrid. These players not only meet the league requirement but also possess the necessary quality to enhance your team's overall performance.

In terms of costs, the prices of players may vary depending on market conditions and the timing of your purchase. It is advisable to scout the transfer market for good deals and consider utilizing player items from your club that fit the chemistry requirements, save more EA FC 24 coins. Additionally, completing relevant objectives and Squad Building Challenges can also provide you with pack rewards that may contain players suitable for meeting the SBC requirements.

As with any SBC, it is important to keep an eye on chemistry and player positions while building your squad. Utilizing player positions that match their preferred roles and ensuring strong links between players will significantly boost your team's chemistry and overall performance on the field.

In conclusion, the Thunderstruck Lee Kang-in SBC offers FIFA Ultimate Team players an exciting opportunity to add a skilled and versatile player to their squads. By carefully selecting players from different leagues and maintaining good chemistry, EA FC 24 players can successfully complete this SBC and earn the highly coveted 86 OVR Lee Kang-in card. Remember to consider the costs associated with player acquisitions and explore various options to optimize your squad's performance. Good luck on your journey to completing the Thunderstruck Lee Kang-in SBC and enhancing your FUT team!

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