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EA FC 24: How to Complete the TOTS John McGinn Objectives Challenge

Apr-25-2024 PST FC 24

Complete the objective group to earn TOTS Live John McGinn in EA FC 24. Team of the Season (TOTS) marks the start of several free-to-play objective challenges in EA Sports FC 24, offering top-tier players from various leagues. One such reward is the TOTS Live John McGinn, attainable by completing specific objectives.

EA FC 24: How to Complete the TOTS John McGinn Objectives Challenge

What are the TOTS Live John McGinn Objectives?

There are four objectives to complete the TOTS Live John McGinn challenge:

Scottish Pride

Play nine matches with at least three players from Scotland in your starting 11.

Midfield Maestro

Score and assist a goal using a midfielder in six separate matches.

Winner's Mentality

Win seven matches with at least five Premier League players in your starting 11.


Concede one or fewer goals per match in five separate matches.

How to Complete the TOTS Live John McGinn Objectives Fast?

Assemble a team with three Scottish and five Premier League players, including John McGinn, who fulfills both requirements. Use Scottish Premier League players like John McGinn, Andy Robertson, and others to meet the criteria efficiently.

Focus on scoring and assisting with midfielders while maintaining a strong defense to win matches and limit goals conceded.

What Rewards Do You Get for Finishing the TOTS Live John McGinn Objectives?

Upon completion, you'll receive TOTS Live John McGinn rated 90 overall, with a chance of upgrades based on Aston Villa's performance. Additionally, each objective rewards players of varying ratings, providing valuable additions to your squad.

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