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EA FC 24 NWSL TOTS: Key Dates, Predictions, and Exciting Updates

May-23-2024 PST FC 24

The final women's Team of the Season (TOTS) squad for EA FC 24 is arriving in Ultimate Team this week, featuring the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL). This event marks the end of the TOTS promo, which has been a major success for EA Sports, despite some hiccups like the Champions Finals rewards error that sparked the #BoycottEA trend. With extensive content released, the TOTS promo has kept players engaged, and now it's time for the NWSL TOTS to shine.

EA FC 24 NWSL TOTS: Key Dates, Predictions, and Exciting Updates

Release Date

The EA FC 24 NWSL TOTS squad will be released on Friday, May 24, at 6 PM BST / 1 PM EDT / 10 AM PDT. Simultaneously, the Serie A TOTS squad will also enter Ultimate Team packs. The NWSL TOTS will be available in packs until Friday, May 31, when the Ultimate TOTS squad takes over.


Unlike the men's TOTS squads, which typically feature 23 players, the women's TOTS squads consist of 11 players, including eight TOTS players and three TOTS Moments players. Here are our predictions for the EA FC 24 NWSL TOTS squad:

ST: Sophia Smith (Portland Thorns) - 97 OVR

CAM: Debinha (Kansas City Current) - 95 OVR

ST: Alex Morgan (San Diego Wave) - 95 OVR

LM: Lynn Williams (NY/NJ Gothams) - 93 OVR

CDM: Samantha Coffey (Portland Thorns) - 92 OVR

CB: Naomi Girma (San Diego Wave) - 91 OVR

GK: Casey Murphy (NC Courage) - 90 OVR

LB: Jenna Nighswonger (NY/NJ Gothams) - 89 OVR

TOTS Moments Predictions:

CAM: Crystal Dunn (NY/NJ Gothams) - 94 OVR

LW: Mallory Swanson (Chicago Red Stars) - 92 OVR

LM: Jaedyn Shaw (San Diego Wave) - 90 OVR

What to Expect

When the NWSL TOTS squad drops, it will bring a host of exciting content to Ultimate Team:

1. Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)

Expect at least one NWSL TOTS player to be released as an SBC. Completing these challenges can yield highly rated players to enhance your squad.

2. Objectives

An NWSL-themed Objective is anticipated, offering another route to earn TOTS players. Daily play and daily log-in Objectives will also refresh, providing more opportunities for FC 24 Coins rewards.

3. Packs

The NWSL TOTS squad will be available in packs alongside the Mixed League 4 TOTS squad initially. On Sunday, May 26, the Mixed League 5 TOTS squad will replace Mixed League 4 in packs.

4. Player Upgrades

NWSL TOTS players will feature significant stat boosts, making them valuable additions to any squad. Key positions like strikers and midfielders will see substantial improvements, enhancing gameplay and providing a competitive edge.

5. Market Trends

With the release of TOTS players, the market will experience fluctuations. Keep an eye on player prices to make savvy investments, especially during peak supply times.


The EA FC 24 NWSL TOTS squad release is a highly anticipated event, rounding off a successful TOTS promo. With predictions pointing towards top players like Sophia Smith, Debinha, and Alex Morgan receiving significant upgrades, this squad is set to make a splash in Ultimate Team. Make sure to participate in SBCs and Objectives to maximize your rewards and enhance your team with the best NWSL talents.

Stay tuned for MMOexp and make the most of this exciting event to strengthen your squad and enjoy the enhanced gameplay that these top-tier players bring to EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

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