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EA FC 24 TOTW 12: Team of the Week 12 Card Revealed

Dec-08-2023 PST FC 24

EA Sports has released the highly anticipated Team of the Week 12 (TOTW 12) in their popular game EA FC 24, and players are in for a treat with the inclusion of some significantly upgraded player cards. This latest team selection offers a comprehensive lineup, featuring power-up items that can be utilized in various positions, making it an exciting addition to the game.

EA FC 24 TOTW 12: Team of the Week 12 Card Revealed

EA FC 24 TOTW 12 Card Revealed

The standout player in TOTW 12 is Hegerberg, the talented forward from Lyon women's team, who boasts an impressive overall rating of 90. Hegerberg's inclusion in the team is well-deserved, considering his exceptional performances on the field. Joining him is Saka, the skillful right winger from Arsenal, who possesses a formidable 87-point card. Additionally, Del Castillo, a solid forward with an 86-point rating, adds further strength to the team's attacking prowess.

For players seeking top-quality midfielders, TOTW 12 offers an array of options. Among them, Toni Kroos, the 87-point central midfielder from Real Madrid, stands out with his exceptional form card. Kroos' presence in the team is sure to enhance any squad's midfield capabilities, hurry up and buy packs with FC 24 Coins to get him. Furthermore, Rodman, with an 86-point rating, and Gabri Vega, rated at 84, should not be underestimated, as they bring their own unique strengths to the midfield.

Defensively, TOTW 12 presents players with a range of excellent choices to bolster their teams in Week 12. Trippier, with an impressive 87-point rating, showcases his defensive prowess and versatility. Hummels, with an 86-point card, and Bernardo, also rated at 86, further solidify the team's defensive options. These players are sure to provide a solid foundation at the back and help keep opponents at bay.

In addition to the outfield players, TOTW 12 features two goalkeepers who have made their mark in recent matches. Sommer, the shot-stopper from Inter Milan, boasts an 86 rating, showcasing his exceptional goalkeeping abilities. Arno Tenas, hailing from Paris Saint-Germain, received an 83-point card, making him the lowest-rated player on the list under the new rules. However, it's important to note that even the lowest-rated cards in TOTW 12 are still highly valuable assets for any team.

With the release of TOTW 12, EA Sports has once again delivered an exciting lineup of players with boosted ratings. Players can now look forward to incorporating these new and improved cards into their squads, enhancing their gameplay experience. Whether it's the attacking prowess of Hegerberg and Saka, the midfield dominance of Kroos and Rodman, or the defensive stability provided by Trippier and Hummels, there are plenty of options to choose from to strengthen teams in EA FC 24.

As the game continues to evolve, EA Sports consistently strives to provide players with fresh content and improved gameplay. TOTW 12 serves as a testament to their commitment to delivering an engaging and immersive gaming experience. Players can now eagerly anticipate future updates and look forward to the ongoing evolution of their favorite virtual football universe. Follow MMOexp.com, get more EA FC 24 TOTW News.

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