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EA FC 24 TOTY: Predicting the Women's Best Team

Jan-11-2024 PST FC 24

As we enter January 2024, football fans around the world eagerly await the announcement of the EA FC 24 Ultimate Team of the Year (TOTY). This year, TOTY marks a significant milestone in the post-FIFA era, as the popular football video game series has undergone a major rebrand. Another notable change is the inclusion of female players in the Ultimate Team, making this a truly groundbreaking moment for women's football.


EA Sports has recently unveiled the list of 61 female players nominated for the EA FC 24 TOTY. Fans now have the opportunity to vote for their favorite eleven nominees, who will then be recognized as the Women's Best XI.


In the goalkeeper position, we have Mary Earps from Manchester United. Earps has consistently displayed exceptional skills, agility, and shot-stopping abilities. Her commanding presence in the goal and remarkable saves have made her a crucial asset for her team.

Moving to the left-back position, Selma Bacha from Olympique Lyon stands out as a strong candidate. Bacha's remarkable defensive capabilities, combined with her ability to contribute to the team's attacking plays, make her a versatile and valuable player.

For the center-back position, we have Irene Paredes from FC Barcelona. Paredes' leadership skills, defensive prowess, and ability to read the game have been instrumental in her team's success. Her composure under pressure and solid tackling make her a formidable force in defense.

Partnering Paredes in central defense, we have Mapi Leon, also from FC Barcelona. Leon's physicality, aerial dominance, and excellent positioning make her a reliable and consistent performer at the heart of the defense. Her ability to anticipate and intercept opposition attacks is second to none.

At right-back, Ona Butler from FC Barcelona has impressed with her tenacity, speed, and technical ability. Butler's overlapping runs, accurate crosses, and defensive discipline make her a well-rounded player who consistently contributes to her team's success.

In the midfield, we have Lena Oberdorff from Wolfsburg as the defensive midfielder. Oberdorff's ability to shield the defense, break up opposition plays, and distribute the ball with precision make her an indispensable asset for her team.

In the central midfield position, we have Alexia Putras from FC Barcelona. Putras' vision, ball control, and passing range have been key to her team's attacking fluidity. Her ability to dictate the tempo of the game and create scoring opportunities make her a formidable presence on the field.

Partnering Putras in midfield, we have Aitana Bonmati, also from FC Barcelona. Bonmati's technical skills, agility, and ability to drive forward with the ball have made her a crucial playmaker for her team. Her creativity and decisive passes often unlock stubborn defenses.

On the left side, Salma Palarulo from FC Barcelona shines as an outstanding left-back. Palarulo's defensive solidity, overlapping runs, and accurate crosses have consistently troubled opponents. Her ability to provide width and create scoring opportunities from the left flank make her a valuable asset.

In the striker position, we have Sam Cole from Chelsea. Cole's clinical finishing, intelligent movement, and ability to hold up the ball have made her a nightmare for opposing defenders. Her goal-scoring prowess and ability to create chances out of nothing make her an exceptional striker.

Completing the lineup, we have Caroline Graham Hansen from FC Barcelona on the right wing. Hansen's electrifying pace, exceptional dribbling skills, and precise crosses have wreaked havoc on defenses. Her ability to beat defenders one-on-one and deliver dangerous balls into the box make her a constant threat.

These eleven players have consistently demonstrated exceptional skills, contributed significantly to their teams' success, and made a lasting impact on women's football. As fans, we have the privilege to vote for our favorite players and shape the Women's Best XI for EA FC 24 TOTY. It is an exciting time for women's football, and the inclusion of female players in the Ultimate Team is a significant step toward recognizing and celebrating their talent on a global stage.

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