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EA Sports FC 24: The Best Silver Strikers in Ultimate Team

May-09-2024 PST FC 24

Silver squads have a unique charm in EA Sports FC 24's Ultimate Team mode, offering both affordability and a challenge for seasoned players. While silver players may not always shine as brightly as their gold counterparts, some silver strikers stand out for their exceptional performance on the pitch.

EA Sports FC 24: The Best Silver Strikers in Ultimate Team

1. Meschack Elia

Acceleration: 93

Sprint Speed: 93

Agility: 90

Balance: 87

Stamina: 78

Meschack Elia from BSC Young Boys is known for his lightning-fast pace and exceptional dribbling skills. Despite challenges with league and nationality links, he's a formidable striker capable of outrunning defenses and finding the net.

2. Victor Boniface

Strength: 88

Jumping: 86

Shot Power: 83

Sprint Speed: 78

Heading Accuracy: 73

Victor Boniface from Bayer 04 Leverkusen brings power and aerial prowess to the silver striker position, making him a solid choice for teams needing a physical presence up front.

3. Tiago Tomas

Sprint Speed: 91

Jumping: 79

Balance: 79

Dribbling: 78

Ball Control: 77

Agility: 77

Tiago Tomas of VfL Wolfsburg offers versatility with his speed, dribbling ability, and defensive contributions, making him a well-rounded choice for silver Bundesliga teams.

4. Ben Brereton

Jumping: 86

Sprint Speed: 83

Acceleration: 82

Strength: 80

Agility: 76

Ben Brereton, representing Sheffield United, combines speed, strength, and scoring ability, making him a threat in Premier League-themed silver teams.

5. Lukas Podolski

Shot Power: 90

Volleys: 84

Composure: 80

Positioning: 77

Penalties: 77

Although lacking in pace, Lukas Podolski's shooting prowess and experience make him a deadly finisher for teams looking for clinical striking options.

6. Moses Simon

Balance: 92

Agility: 90

Acceleration: 88

Sprint Speed: 88

Dribbling: 77

Moses Simon retains his pace and dribbling skills, offering a dynamic attacking threat despite dropping to a silver card rating in this edition.

7. Albert Gudmundsson

Sprint Speed: 86

Acceleration: 82

Jumping: 82

Agility: 82

Dribbling: 79

Albert Gudmundsson from Genoa provides a balanced skill set, excelling in speed, dribbling, and aerial ability for a modest price.

8. Anthony Elanga

Acceleration: 90

Sprint Speed: 85

Agility: 83

Jumping: 75

Balance: 75

Anthony Elanga's pace and dribbling make him a threat in the Premier League, offering versatility as a winger or striker for Nottingham Forest.

9. Joao Pedro

Jumping: 80

Agility: 80

Acceleration: 79

Dribbling: 79

Sprint Speed: 76

Joao Pedro's attributes make him a solid addition to Premier League silver teams, combining pace and technical ability in attacking positions.

10. Iliman Ndiaye

Sprint Speed: 85

Agility: 84

Balance: 83

Acceleration: 83

Dribbling: 81

Iliman Ndiaye boasts exceptional dribbling skills and pace, making him a standout choice despite his higher price among silver strikers.

These silver strikers offer a range of attributes and playstyles, catering to different team compositions and play preferences in EA Sports FC 24's Ultimate Team mode. 

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