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EA Sports FC 24: TOTS Plus Bakayoko Objectives Challenge Guide

Jun-06-2024 PST FC 24

The Team of the Season (TOTS) Plus Bakayoko Objectives Challenge in EA Sports FC 24 is a great opportunity to acquire the highly-rated TOTS Plus Johan Bakayoko card. This guide will walk you through the objectives, strategies, and rewards to help you complete this challenge efficiently.

EA Sports FC 24: TOTS Plus Bakayoko Objectives Challenge Guide

Objectives Overview

Finesse Time:

Completion Requirement: Score two goals with a Finesse Shot.

Tips: Use players with good Finesse Shot stats and aim for finesse shots from optimal positions.

Crossing Clinic:

Completion Requirement: Assist three goals with a cross.

Tips: Set up your team with proficient crossers and aim to deliver accurate crosses into the box for your teammates to score.

Belgian Excellence:

Completion Requirement: Score and assist using a Belgian player in two separate matches.

Tips: Build a squad with Belgian players in key positions to fulfill this objective easily.

League Winner:

Completion Requirement: Win five matches while having a minimum of two players from Belgium in your starting 11.

Tips: Ensure your team has a solid core of Belgian players to secure victories.

How to Finish the Objectives Fast

Selecting Belgian Players:

Include additional Belgian players beyond the minimum requirement to make completing objectives easier.

Consider players like Lois Openda, Christian Benteke, and Kevin De Bruyne from various leagues.

Organize Your Tasks:

Focus on assisting goals with crosses and scoring with Finesse Shots, as these objectives can be completed simultaneously.

Prioritize assisting and scoring with Belgian players to meet the specific objectives.

Gameplay Strategies:

Utilize crosses strategically to create scoring opportunities for your teammates.

Practice Finesse Shots with suitable players to increase your chances of scoring.

Match Selection:

Play matches on minimum Semi-Pro difficulty in Squad Battles or online with Rivals or Champions to complete the objectives.

Rewards and Completion Benefits

TOTS Plus Johan Bakayoko Card:

Upon completing the objectives, you'll receive the 91-rated TOTS Plus Johan Bakayoko card, a valuable addition to your squad.

Johan Bakayoko's PlayStyles, including Trivela, Whipped Cross, and First Touch, make him a versatile and effective player on the pitch.

Challenge Rewards:

Completing each objective also grants additional rewards, including players rated 80+ and 81+, along with players rated 75+ for winning matches.

Pack Rewards:

While the challenges do not offer experience bonuses, completing them may reward you with packs that could contain high-rated players and FC 24 coins including Ultimate TOTS cards.


The TOTS Plus Bakayoko Objectives Challenge presents a rewarding opportunity to acquire a top-tier player and earn valuable EA FC 24 coins rewards along the way. By following the outlined strategies and focusing on efficient gameplay, you can successfully complete the objectives and enhance your EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team experience. And Join MMOexp now, get the latest news on FC 25 and the cheapest EAFC 25 Coins service.

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