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EA Sports FC 24 Two-Footed Striking Evolution Guide

Apr-02-2024 PST FC 24

Becoming skilled at launching attacks is crucial in EA Sports FC 24, a virtual football world. In traditional tactics, the dominant foot is emphasized. At the same time, by evolving your game, you can have a two-footed attacking style that allows for creativity and unpredictability in the virtual field. This article will explore ways of upping your two-footed attack in EA Sports FC 24 and dictate how you can be versatile and flashy to outsmart your opponents.

Understanding Two-Footed Attack

Two-footed attack refers to the ability of a player to use both their left and right feet effectively when dribbling, passing, or shooting. Although many players have one foot, they are better with it than the other, and having skills using both legs can greatly improve your offensive capabilities. Being comfortable and confident with both feet can create more opportunities while keeping defenders guessing about movements and shots made.

Mastering Dribbling Techniques

Dribbling is an essential part of an attacking play, whereby mastering the techniques of two-footed dribbling is necessary to find space within the opponent's defense. Practice dribbling with both feet and maintaining close ball control while changing sudden direction. To deceive defenders who try to score from different angles, experiment with stepovers, feint body movement, and dummy tricks during dribbles.

Improving Passing Accuracy

When building effective attacking sequences, passing accuracy is fundamental as it unlocks passing lanes, thereby maintaining possession for us who care about professional gaming proficiency using both legs. This is critical; thus, opening them becomes possible through practice drills highlighting this skill. As far as long-range passes are concerned, don’t forget about through balls or one-touch passes, which would help users in the enemy’s defense to create.

Enhancing Shooting Skills

Shooting on either foot adds another dimension to your repertoire of attacking weapons. This allows for hitting the ball from different angles and distances with power and precision. To help improve the accuracy, timing, and placement of your shot, practice shooting drills using both feet. For instance, volleys are examples of varied types of shots that can be taken; finesse shots use less power than conventional ones, while driven shots allow the greatest strength and accuracy.

Utilizing Skill Moves

Skill moves form part of a two-footed attack, which enables players to avoid defenders and create space within the attacking third. Try skill moves that can be executed well with either foot, like ball roll, drag back, or heel-to-heel flick. You should use these dribbling techniques to confuse defenses, score goals independently, or send your mates into perfect positions.

Exploiting Weaknesses

Opposing defenders can have their weaknesses exposed through a two-footed attack because they may not be able to guess whether you will dribble, pass, or shoot through the right or left leg. Identify those who find it hard to defend against double-footed players and opportune moments when their disadvantages might become useful for us during gaming. Quick changes in direction combined with unorthodox movements create opportunities in defense since they confuse opponents.

Best players for the Two-Footed Attack Evolution

Callum Wilson (Newcastle United) – 86 OVR

Callum Wilson is our first choice for the Two-Footed Attack Evolution. He was prolific with an 86 scorecard in his Trailblazers card. Available as an objective during a promotional event, many managers considered this Englishman as an easily obtainable option. His stats go through the roof when he evolves, increasing him to a strong 90 OVR with some amazing attributes.

Dominic Solanke (Bournemouth – 86 OVR)

The next player we want to discuss in this Two-Footed Attack Evolution is Dominic Solanke, who again has a reputation as one of England’s finest versatile strikers. Indeed, his versatility is legendary, and he is known for being able to strike well when needed. Solanke’s team of the week needs to follow this evolution path, rated at 86 (TOTW) card from Bournemouth.

EA Sports FC 24 Two-Footed Striking Evolution Guide


Having the two-footed attack mastered in EA Sports FC 24 may take your offensive game up a notch, enabling you to outwit your opponents with creativity and versatility. Improve your unpredictability as an attacking force on the virtual pitch by making both feet strong in dribbling, passing, shooting, and skill moves. Challenge yourself to evolve your gameplay and unlock the potential of your two-footed attack so that it will not only be hard for your rivals but also easy for you to win in EA Sports FC 24.

MMOexp FC 24 Team