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Elden Ring Best Builds for DLC 2024: Top 10 Best Builds Weapon Combos Ranked

Mar-29-2024 PST Elden Ring

Elden Ring features many DLC but one of the most hyped DLC is Shadow of Erdtree. Now, that the release date of Shadow of Erdtree is near, it is time to prepare for it. It will be a challenging DLC so those who start preparing for it from today will surely stay ahead. When it comes to preparing for the DLC, the first thing that comes to mind is finding the perfect build according to your gameplay style and goals. Here is our ranking of the ten best builds with weapons combos in Elden Ring. You can also find Elden Ring – Best Dexterity Builds Ranked in 2024.

Elden Ring Best Builds for DLC 2024: Top 10 Best Builds Weapon Combos Ranked

Top 10 Best Builds for DLC

When it comes to finding the perfect build for the Shadow of Erdtree DLC in Elden Ring, you need to keep a lot of details in mind. Some only want good damage output from their builds but others want a jack of all builds. No matter which build you choose, keep in mind that your ultimate goal in Shadow of Erdtree will be to kill enemies while enjoying your adventure. All ten builds in this list will provide good damage and work well at any level you want.

1.Occult Cross-Naginata Build

This build is specially designed for level one hundred and seventy characters. The main focuses of this build are arcane and dexterity stats. It deals good bleed damage using the combination of sword dance skill and Ault affinity. For better stamina and health regeneration, this build uses talismans. It works well for both PVP and PVE encounters in the DLC.

Level – 170

Weapons – Occult Cross-Naginata with Ault Affinity on Sword Dance

Talismans – Starscourge Heirloom / Millicent's Prosthesis / Green Turtle Talisman

Flasks – Crimsonburst Crystal Tear, Thorny Cracked Tear

Stats – Vigor 60, Mind 15, Endurance 23, Strength 17, Dexterity 25, Intelligence 9, Faith 25, Arcane 80

2.Star Fist Build

If you are looking for a build that can cause blood loss in enemies by staggering them, the star fist build is your target build. It can break the stance of any boss in the game and deal blood damage to them using a combination of Star First weapon with charged R2s and cracked blade skill. Talismans will again increase stamina as well as deal good blood damage.

Weapons – Star Fist with Cracked Blade and Charged R2s

Talismans – Viridian Amber Medallion +2, Axe Talisman

Flasks – Stonebarb Cracked Tear, Spiked Cracked Tear

Stats – Vigor 51, Mind 25, Endurance 25, Strength 65, Dexterity 25, Intelligence 9, Faith 9, Arcane 40

3.Spiked Palisade Shield Build

The spiked palisade build is great for both offense and defense. You can deal with blood loss and frost damage to enemies. This build is all about turning your defense into offense.

Weapons – Spiked Palisade Shield with Frost Affinity and Shield Crash

Talismans – Great Shield Talisman, Great Jar's Arsenal

Flask – Thorny Cracked Tear, Greenspill Crystal Tear

Stats – Vigor 60, Endurance 25, Strength 80, Faith 16, Arcane 7

4.Great Stars Build

This build can deal good physical damage in the start and combines it with skills for blood loss damage. You'll get a balance of agility and offense in this build. Your character will heal with every damage-dealing move.

Weapons – Great Stars with Stormcaller

Talismans – Lord of Blood's Exultation, Axe Talisman

Flask – Thorny Cracked Tear, Spiked Cracked Tear

Armor – White Mask

Stats – Vigor 50, Strength 65, Arcane 40

5.Flamberge Build

The main weapon in this build can deal high physical damage to enemies and when you pair it with blood loss skills, it can do wonders. Thanks to the talismans in this build, your attacking power will also increase after the blood loss.

Weapons – Flamberge with Blood Affinity and Wild Strikes

Talismans – Lord of Blood's Exaltation, Erdtree's Favor+1

Flask – Thorny Cracked Tear, Green burst Crystal Tear

Stats – Vigor 50, Dexterity 65, Arcane 40

6.Gargoyle’s Twinblade Build

The main weapon in this build can deal physical and magical damage to enemies. The main focus of this build is strength as it uses a twin blade weapon. You can easily slice through the DLC with its flasks.

Weapons – Gargoyle's Twinblade with Frost Affinity and Spinning Slash

Talismans – Axe Talisman, Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisma

Flask – Thorny Cracked Tear, Spiked Cracked Tear

Stats – Vigor 60, Strength 80, Arcane 50

7.Ringed Finger Build

The main weapon in this build can deal strike and physical damage to enemies. The main focus in this build is strength. The talismans in this build can further boost the damage.

Weapons – Ringed Finger with Rallying Standard

Talismans – Erdtree's Favor +1, Axe Talisman

Flask – Thorny Cracked Tear, Spike Cracked Tear

Stats – Vigor 50, Strength 80, Dexterity 25

8.Great Mace Build

This is a strength build that can easily break the posture of even the strongest of enemies. You can pair it with the commander standard buff for better results.

Weapons – Great Mace with Cragblade

Talismans – Commander's Standard, Great Jar's Arsenal

Flask – Stonebarb Cracked Tear, Spiked Cracked Tear

Stats – Vigor healthy, Endurance 30, Strength 80

9.Dual Reduvia Arcane Build

This build can cause good bleeding damage by dual-wielding the Reduvia weapon. It can deal a lot of damage by pairing the weapon skills and talismans.

Level – New Game Plus

Weapons – Dual Reduvia with Blood Blade

Talismans – Millicent's Prosthesis, Lord of Blood's Exaltation

Flask – Thorny Cracked Tear, Green burst Crystal Tier

Stats – Vigor 59, Dexterity 30, Arcane 80

10. Giants Flame Incantation Build

It is a faith-based build that deals fire damage to enemies. Turn your enemies into ash by using the power of fire in this build. It combines the iron greatsword with the flaming strike.

Weapons – Iron Greatsword with Flaming Strike

Talismans – Fire Scorpion Charm, Flock's Canvas Talisman

Flask – Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear, Cerulean Hidden Tear

Stats – Vigor 50, Faith 60

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