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Elden Ring Boss Guide: Defeating the Fire Giant

Jul-03-2024 PST Elden Ring

Hello everyone, welcome to another Elden Ring boss walkthrough! Today, we're going to take on the Fire Giant at the top of Giant Mountain. This boss is a legendary gatekeeper, and defeating it is the key to gain access to other areas of the game. Below is a comprehensive strategy for defeating this powerful enemy. Finally, whether you are a novice or an old hand, if you want to complete the task easily, it is a good choice to buy Elden Ring Runes in exchange for powerful weapons and equipment through MMOexp. At the same time, MMOexp has the advantages of high transaction efficiency and more discounts compared with other platforms.

Elden Ring Boss Guide: Defeating the Fire Giant


You can find the Fire Giant in the southeastern area of the Mountaintops of the Giants, just before the big burning cauldron.

General Tips

1. Stay on Your Horse: Mobility is key in this fight. Staying on your horse allows you to dodge attacks and move quickly around the giant.

2. Bring Status Effects: The Fire Giant has high physical damage negation, so using weapons or spells that inflict bleed, frostbite, poison, or scarlet rot can significantly ease the fight. Ideally, bring at least two different status effects to apply throughout the battle.

Phase One Strategy

Target the Left Leg

The Fire Giant's left leg has a weak spot, identifiable by a splint-like structure. Focus your attacks here to maximize damage.

Key Attacks and Movements

1. Wave Attack: The giant will often perform a wave attack. Jump over it with your horse and then ride directly to its left leg to start attacking.

2. Stomps and Shield Smash: Stay directly under the giant to avoid these attacks. Keep hitting the left leg until the splint breaks.

Handling Fire Spells

When the Fire Giant casts fire spells:

1. Fire Orb: Ride away from the fire orb to avoid damage.

2. Stay Close: As soon as the fire spell ends, get back underneath the giant to continue attacking the left leg.

Breaking the Splint

Once you break the splint on the left leg, the giant will roll away and start using more fire spells. Keep attacking the leg until the giant moves or starts another attack.

Phase Two Strategy

New Weak Spots

In phase two, the giant rips off its left leg and gains new weak spots, including its burning hands and eyeball. However, continuing to focus on the remaining leg (toes) is an effective strategy.

Elemental Weapon Switch

If you applied bleed during the first phase, switch to a weapon that inflicts frostbite or another status effect for the second phase. This will help you keep the pressure on the giant.

Phase Two Attacks and Movements

1. Fire Spells: The giant will start with casting fire spells. Stay out of their range and continue attacking its toes.

2. Rolling and Elbow Drops: When the giant rolls away, chase it and get behind it. Avoid the elbow drops by dodging and staying mobile.

Maintaining the Attack

1. Dodge and Attack: Keep dodging its attacks and stay behind the giant to attack its toes.

2. Status Effects: Alternate your status effects to keep applying damage over time.

Repeat the Process

1. Avoid Fire Orbs and Projectiles: Activate the fire orbs and dodge projectiles to minimize damage.

2. Focus on Toes: Keep hitting the toes while staying behind the giant. This prevents it from rolling on you and keeps you out of range of its more dangerous attacks.


By focusing on the Fire Giant's weak spots, especially its toes, and utilizing status effects, you can effectively take down this formidable boss. Stay on your horse, keep mobile, and manage your attacks strategically to ensure a smooth victory.


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Good luck and happy hunting in Elden Ring!

MMOexp Elden Ring Team