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Exploring the Best Icon Wingers in FC 24

Jan-24-2024 PST FC 24

In the ever-evolving world of FC 24, choosing the right Icon Winger for your team can be a daunting task. With numerous campaigns and versions available, it's crucial to analyze the stats, abilities, and overall value of each player. In this article, we delve into the realm of Icon Wingers, discussing various options and highlighting the standout performers in the game.

Exploring the Best Icon Wingers in FC 24

Arman Raldo: Sorting through the three versions of Arman Raldo (89, 90, and 91), it becomes evident that the 91 version stands out as the most worthwhile. The 89 and 90 versions fall short due to a two-star weak foot. However, the 91 version boasts a four-star weak foot and four-star skill moves, making it a top-tier choice.

Alternative Right-Wing Options

a. Mam HRI: Although not an outright right winger, HRI's versatility allows him to play in various attacking roles. His potential as a right-wing back is hampered by a 74 shooting rating, limiting his goal-scoring capabilities. Despite this, his crossing ability makes him a valuable asset, earning him a spot in the A category.

b. Loud Drop: While debatable as a right winger, Loud Drop's 74 shooting may hinder his goal-scoring potential. However, his ability to deliver pinpoint crosses makes him a viable option, especially with the right chemistry style.

Giner - The Winter Wild Card Icon

Giner emerges as a standout choice for Icon Winger, offering two versions with minimal differences. The 5-star, 4-star ratings, coupled with reasonable price points, make Giner a strong candidate for the S+ category.

Ronaldinho: A perennial favorite, both versions of Ronaldinho (base and thunderstruck) maintain their status as top-tier Icon Wingers. With a price difference, the base version remains an excellent choice at 3.6 million, showcasing the iconic Brazilian's unparalleled skills.

HRI: In the conversation of the best Icon Wingers, HRI stands tall with a 4-star, 4-star rating and a reasonable price tag of 2.3 million. His ability to adapt to various attacking roles solidifies his place in the GOAT category.

Jinho: With two outstanding versions (90 and 89), Jinho offers flexibility in playing right wing, striker, or right midfield. Despite being the most expensive of the trio, his rapid and quick step traits elevate him to the S category, making him a coveted choice.

Best - Awaiting an Upgrade

Best remains a formidable Icon Winger, awaiting an upgrade to further enhance his status. As one of the most expensive options, a potential 4-star, 5-star upgrade would solidify his place among the elite.

Ribery's Potential Team of the Year Upgrade:

Speculation surrounds Ribery's potential Team of the Year upgrade, with expectations of a 92 or 93 rating. His historical impact in FIFA and unique head image make him an exciting prospect, especially as a left midfielder with great links.

Other Considerations:

a. Beckham: While appreciated for his overall skills, Beckham's value as a winger diminishes. Priced at 170k, his better suitability in central positions or as a CAM makes him less appealing for those seeking a traditional winger.

b. PZ: With upgrades on both base and thunderstruck versions, PZ remains a decent option for those on a budget. His finesse shot and pace make him a serviceable winger, but he may not rival the top-tier Icons.

c. Miam: A top-quality player, Miam's versatility allows him to excel in various attacking roles. Valued at 3.2 million, he epitomizes the modern winger with exceptional pace and skills.

d. John Barnes: A player who exceeded expectations this year, Barnes brings more to the left wing position. With the Winter Wild Card version, he adds a new dynamic to the position, offering an affordable option.

Navigating the diverse world of Icon Wingers in FC 24 requires a careful consideration of individual playstyles, team needs, and budget constraints. While Giner, Ronaldinho, and Jinho emerge as standout choices, each player discussed has unique attributes that cater to different preferences. As the game progresses, potential upgrades, SBC releases, and promotions may introduce new contenders to the ever-evolving landscape of Icon Wingers.

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