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FC 24 Shot Skills: Precision, Finesse, Power, and More

Nov-27-2023 PST FC 24

In FC 24, the art of scoring goals is a complex and skill-driven endeavor. It's not just about getting the ball into the net; it's about doing so with style and precision. If you're tired of missing easy goals or are looking to up your finishing game, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we'll explore various finishing techniques and provide tips to help you become a more proficient scorer.

Precision Shooting: A Game-Changer

One of the most significant changes in FC 24 is the introduction of precision shooting. Many players have voiced their frustration with the default assisted shooting, claiming it lacks accuracy and control. Precision shooting addresses this issue by demanding players to sharpen their aim when setting up a shot.

With precision shooting, the direction of your shot is entirely controlled by where you aim with the left analog stick. Unlike assisted shooting, where you can simply pick a side, precision shooting requires you to aim directly towards the goal. This newfound control gives you the power to fine-tune your shots and increase their speed, making it a valuable tool for the discerning player.

To enable precision shooting, head to the settings menu, and under gameplay settings, look for the shoot assistance option. Change it to Precision from default.

Finesse Shot: Artful Curves and Elegance

The finesse shot is a classic finishing technique that adds finesse and elegance to your goal-scoring efforts. To execute a finesse shot, hold down the R1 or RB button while powering up your shot. This method allows your player to use the inside of their foot, adding a curving finesse to the ball, making it harder for the goalkeeper to catch.

The key to a perfect finesse shot is setting your player at an angle between 30 and 45 degrees towards the goal. This angle enhances the curve and increases the likelihood of the ball finding the back of the net. Finesse shots are ideal for one-on-one situations and are especially potent when executed by players with the finesse play style.

Power Shot: Unleash the Beast

Power Shot: Unleash the Beast

When you need sheer power to beat the goalkeeper, the power shot is your go-to technique. To perform a power shot, hold down both L1 and R1 or LB and RB buttons while shooting. Aiming is crucial here, as power shots are manually aimed with the left stick. Careless aiming can easily lead to missed shots.

The power shot demands a bit of time for your player to prepare, making it necessary to have space and time before unleashing this beast. However, if you have players with the power shot plus play style, the time penalty is significantly reduced, allowing for rapid, powerful shots.

Outside Foot Shot: A Versatile Alternative

When you find it challenging to get the ball onto your strong foot, the outside foot shot comes to the rescue. To execute an outside foot shot, hold down the L2 or LT button and power up your shot while the ball is close to your weaker foot. This technique allows you to shoot with the outside of your stronger foot, providing a reliable alternative to finesse shots.

For the outside foot shot, aim slightly further from the far post, and let the natural curve of the shot take care of the rest. While this method is not as popular as finesse shots, it can be equally potent and is ideal for situations where getting the ball to your strong foot is difficult.

Chip Shot: The High-Risk, High-Reward Finishing Technique

The chip shot is a situational technique that can be highly rewarding if executed correctly. To perform a chip shot, hold down the L1 or LB button while shooting. However, this method comes with a high risk of failure, especially if you're too close to the goal or the goalkeeper tricks you by pretending to come out and then retreating.

The chip shot shines when the goalkeeper overcommits and is well out of their goal. In such cases, chip the ball toward the far post to ensure the keeper can't make a save. This technique can be challenging to master, but when done right, it can lead to some spectacular goals.

Time Finishing: Elevate Your Finishing Game

Time finishing is a high-risk, high-reward mechanic that can take your finishing skills to another level. To use time finishing, power up your shot and press the shooting button again just as your player is about to strike the ball. If done correctly, the cursor above your player's head will glow green, resulting in a more accurate and faster shot.

Time finishing can be used in conjunction with other finishing techniques, significantly increasing their success rate. It's essential to practice time finishing in offline matches before applying it in online games to develop a better feel for it.

Near Post Shots: The Secret Sauce

In FC 24, near post shots have become a reliable and effective finishing method. Even when it seems challenging, these shots are potent, especially when combined with green time finishing. Near post shots often catch the goalkeeper off guard, as they tend to move toward the far post.

To master near post shots, practice your timing and accuracy with green time finishing, and blast the ball into the near post. This technique can yield incredible results and should not be underestimated.

Mastering finishing techniques in FC 24 can elevate your gameplay to new heights. Whether you prefer precision, finesse, power, outside foot, or chip shots, it's essential to practice and choose the right technique for the situation. It's important to keep practicing and building stronger teams with EA FC 24 Coins. Don't forget to experiment with time finishing to enhance your shots even further. And, if you're looking for a secret weapon, near post shots with green time finishing could be your key to success. Practice, refine your skills, and watch as your goal-scoring abilities reach their peak. Enjoy your journey to becoming a more prolific scorer in FC 24.

MMOexp FC 24 Team