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FC 24: Top TOTS Upgrade Series 1 Players

Jun-03-2024 PST FC 24

In EA Sports FC 24, the Team Of The Season Upgrade Series 1 Evolution has introduced new and improved player cards that are crucial for enhancing your Ultimate Team. Let's dive into the top picks from this series and how they can elevate your gameplay.

FC 24: Top TOTS Upgrade Series 1 Players

7. Ollie Watkins, Aston Villa

Overall Rating: 83 | EVO Rating: 94

Position: ST, LW

Ollie Watkins is a versatile English player with excellent dribbling and goal-scoring abilities. Whether deployed as a striker or a left-winger, his upgraded playstyles including power shots, finesse shots, and rapid movements make him a formidable force on the field.

6. Ben White, Arsenal

Overall Rating: 82 | EVO Rating: 92

Position: RB, CB

Ben White stands out as a top right back with a balanced mix of defensive and attacking skills. His upgraded playstyles like slide tackles and bruiser attributes make him a reliable option in defense and a threat in counter-attacks.

5. Katie McCabe, Arsenal

Overall Rating: 85 | EVO Rating: 92

Position: LB, LM, LW

Katie McCabe brings versatility to the left side of the pitch, capable of playing multiple roles with finesse. Her upgraded playstyles including long ball passes and relentless defending add depth to your team's strategy.

4. Jarrod Bowen, West Ham

Overall Rating: 81 | EVO Rating: 92

Position: ST, RM

Jarrod Bowen's speed and clinical finishing make him a valuable asset in the attacking lineup. His upgraded playstyles like technical dribbling and incisive passes make him a threat in the final third of the pitch.

3. Douglas Luiz, Aston Villa

Overall Rating: 82 | EVO Rating: 92

Position: CM, CDM

Douglas Luiz offers versatility in midfield, excelling as both a creative playmaker and a defensive anchor. His upgraded playstyles including pinged passes and long shots make him a well-rounded midfield option.

2. Alexis Mac Allister, Liverpool

Overall Rating: 84 | EVO Rating: 93

Position: CM, CAM, CDM

Alexis Mac Allister brings creativity and vision to the midfield, capable of unlocking defenses with precise passes and incisive plays. His upgraded playstyles like power shots and tiki-taka make him a key player in build-up play.

1. Julián Álvarez, Manchester City

Overall Rating: 83 | EVO Rating: 93

Position: ST, CF, CAM

Julián Álvarez shines as a versatile forward with pace, skill, and a knack for scoring crucial goals. His upgraded playstyles including chop shots and press-proven movements make him a dynamic threat in the attacking third.


These TOTS Upgrade Series 1 Evolution picks offer a range of options to strengthen your Ultimate Team. Whether you're looking for attacking prowess, defensive stability, or midfield creativity, these players can significantly impact your gameplay and lead your team to victory in EA Sports FC 24. So hurry up and get FC 24 coins from MMOexp to get the excellent players you want.

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