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FC 24 UEFA Euro Mode and Festival of Football Update Guide

Jun-08-2024 PST FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 introduces an exciting new addition just in time for the 2024 UEFA European Football Championship: the UEFA Euro Mode. Germany, the host of the 2024 UEFA Euro Championship, is set to provide a grand stage for this major tournament, marking the first major football event in Germany since the 2006 FIFA World Cup. This guide will delve into the details of the new UEFA Euro Mode, its features, and the accompanying Festival of Football update that enhances the overall gameplay experience in FC 24.

FC 24 UEFA Euro Mode and Festival of Football Update Guide

Release Date

The UEFA Euro Mode in EA Sports FC 24 is set to release on Thursday, June 6th, 2024, as part of the Festival of Football Update. This update brings a host of new features and improvements, making it a highly anticipated addition for football fans and gamers alike.

Features of UEFA Euro Mode

The UEFA Euro Mode in FC 24 offers several ways to celebrate and engage with the 2024 UEFA European Football Championship:

1. Tournaments

Experience the official tournament mode, featuring all the teams participating in the 2024 UEFA Euro Football Championship. This mode allows players to take control of their favorite national teams and lead them to glory through the tournament.

2. Lead Your Nation

Create a Player mode allows you to either use a custom player or select a real player and guide them to triumph in the 2024 UEFA Euro Football Championship. This mode focuses on personal achievements and the journey of a single player throughout the tournament.

3. Online Friendlies

Compete against other players online using any of the 24 UEFA Euro Football Championship teams. This feature brings a competitive edge to the mode, allowing players to test their skills against others globally.

4. The European Journey

Engage in a series of challenges themed around different styles of play to earn rewards. Completing all challenges unlocks a new journey, culminating in a final reward revealed at the tournament's end. This mode provides an immersive experience with continuous goals to achieve.

Festival of Football Update Notes

In addition to the UEFA Euro Mode, the Festival of Football Update includes several gameplay improvements and new features across different modes:

1. Ultimate Team

Path To Glory: Players in this category can upgrade based on their nation's performance throughout the tournament.

Greats of the Game: Features ICONs and Heroes with upgrades tied to the goals scored by their nation during the tournament.

New Loan Types:

Match Loan: Allows players to loan a player for a specific number of matches.

Global Loan: Offers a broader loan system to manage players more strategically.

2. Gameplay Updates

New 4-star Skill Move (Double Touch Lane Charge):

PlayStation: Hold L2 + Hold RS R/L

Xbox: Hold LT + Hold RS R/L

Cole Palmer Inspired Celebration: A new celebration move inspired by the young football star.

27 New Star Heads: Enhancements to player likenesses for a more realistic experience.

3. Manager Career

Youth Prospect Scouting Improvements: Enhancements to scouting young talent, making the Manager Career mode more dynamic and engaging.

4. Clubs

Permanent Double XP Multiplier: Any experience gained after a match is now permanently doubled, accelerating progression and rewards.

Strategic Tips for UEFA Euro Mode

To make the most out of the new UEFA Euro Mode, consider the following strategies:


Team Selection: Choose a team with balanced stats and versatile players to adapt to different opponents.

Tactics: Implement tactics that exploit your team's strengths, such as a strong defense or a fast-paced attack.

Squad Rotation: Manage player fatigue by rotating your squad, ensuring key players are fit for crucial matches.

Lead Your Nation

Player Development: Focus on improving your player's key attributes that align with your playing style.

Match Performance: Perform consistently in matches to increase your player's reputation and influence within the team.

Achievements: Aim to complete in-game milestones and challenges to boost your player's career progression.

Online Friendlies

Opponent Analysis: Study your opponent's playstyle and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Practice: Regularly practice with your chosen team to master their strengths and weaknesses.

Communication: If playing with friends, maintain good communication to coordinate strategies and tactics effectively.

The European Journey

Challenge Focus: Prioritize challenges that align with your strengths and complete them methodically.

Rewards Management: Use earned FC 24 coins rewards strategically to boost your team's performance in other modes.


The addition of the UEFA Euro Mode in EA Sports FC 24 brings a fresh and exciting way to engage with the game, celebrating the 2024 UEFA European Football Championship. Coupled with the comprehensive Festival of Football update, players can look forward to an enriched gameplay experience. Whether leading your nation to victory or mastering new skills in Ultimate Team, there's something for every football enthusiast in this latest update. Enjoy the journey, compete with passion, and bring glory to your favorite team! For this reason, MMOexp is running a related promotion: FC 24 EURO & Copa America Celebration with Special Offer, don't miss it. And MMOexp team is already preparing for FC 25, follow us for more EA FC 25 Coins services and latest news.

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