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FC 24 Ultimate Team: Best Players for the Ultimate TOTS Glow Up Evolution

Jun-05-2024 PST FC 24

EA Sports FC 24's Ultimate Team (FUT) introduces an exciting evolution mechanism that allows players to transform lower-rated cards into top-tier stars. Among these, the Ultimate TOTS Glow Up Evolution stands out, providing an opportunity to turn a lesser-known player into a powerhouse with ratings in the low-to-mid 90s. This guide will help you understand the criteria for selecting the best players for this evolution and suggest some top picks to maximize your team's potential.

FC 24 Ultimate Team: Best Players for the Ultimate TOTS Glow Up Evolution

Understanding the Glow Up Evolution

The Glow Up Evolution in FC 24 Ultimate Team is designed to elevate players rated below 70 to stars with overall ratings in the 90s. This transformation can significantly enhance your squad, turning a Silver or Bronze player into a competitive asset. Here are the key requirements for players eligible for the Glow Up Evolution:

Max Overall: 70

Max Pace: 78

Max Dribbling: 74

Max Physicality: 74

Max PlayStyles: 7

Max PlayStyles+: 0

To maximize the benefits of this evolution, you should choose FC 24 players who are close to these maximum stats, ensuring they receive the full potential boost.

Player Selection Criteria

When selecting a player for the Glow Up Evolution, consider the following attributes:

Individual Stats: Players with high individual stats in key areas (Pace, Dribbling, Physicality) are ideal candidates.

PlayStyles: Players with useful PlayStyles like Technical, Rapid, or Anticipate will gain significant advantages after the evolution.

Versatility: Versatile players who can perform well in multiple positions can be more valuable additions to your squad.

Top Player Suggestions for Glow Up Evolution

Here are some of the best players to consider for the Ultimate TOTS Glow Up Evolution, categorized by their field positions:

Attacker: Ignacio Schor (LM/CAM/ST/LW)

Club: Newell's Old Boys (Argentina Primera)

Key Stats: High Pace and Dribbling, solid Shooting

PlayStyle: Technical

Max Evolution Potential:

Overall: 95

Pace: 95

Dribbling: 95

Shooting: High 80s

Physicality: High 80s

PlayStyles Gained: Rapid+, First Touch+

Ignacio Schor is a versatile attacker who can play multiple forward roles, making him an excellent choice for Glow Up Evolution. His high Pace and Dribbling stats, combined with the Technical PlayStyle, make him a formidable offensive player.

Midfielder: Leighton Clarkson (CM/CAM/CDM)

Club: Aberdeen (Scottish Cinch Premiership)

Key Stats: Exceptional Dribbling and Passing

PlayStyles: Incisive Pass, Long Ball, First Touch, Trivela

Max Evolution Potential:

Overall: 95

Dribbling: 97

Passing: 92

Pace: High 80s

Shooting: High 80s

PlayStyle Gained: Press Proven+

Leighton Clarkson is an outstanding choice for the midfield due to his superior Dribbling and Passing abilities. His range of PlayStyles, including Incisive Pass and Trivela, ensures he can make a significant impact both offensively and defensively.

Defender: Alexandre Penetra (RB)

Club: Dutch Eredivisie

Key Stats: High Defensive rating, strong Physicality

PlayStyle: Anticipate

Max Evolution Potential:

Overall: 95

Defending: 91

Physicality: 96

PlayStyle Gained: Intercept

Alexandre Penetra is a top pick for defense. His strong Defensive and Physical stats, along with the Anticipate PlayStyle, make him a rock-solid defender. After evolution, his Intercept PlayStyle further enhances his defensive prowess.

Maximizing the Evolution

To get the most out of the Glow Up Evolution, follow these tips:

Close to Max Stats: Choose players who are as close as possible to the maximum allowed stats for Pace, Dribbling, and Physicality.

Useful PlayStyles: Select players with beneficial PlayStyles that align with their position and your team's tactics.

Versatility and Position: Ensure the player fits well into your existing squad, considering both their primary and secondary positions.


The Ultimate TOTS Glow Up Evolution in FC 24 Ultimate Team offers a fantastic opportunity to boost your squad by transforming lower-rated players into star performers. Buy cheap FC 24 coins from MMOexp.com and carefully selecting players based on their stats, PlayStyles, and versatility, you can create a powerful and competitive team. Use this guide to identify the best candidates and make strategic decisions to dominate the game.

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