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FC 24 Ultimate Team Season 6

Apr-26-2024 PST FC 24

Get ready for the excitement as Team of the Season takes center stage in FC 24 Ultimate Team's Season 6, set to kick off tomorrow. Fans are eagerly anticipating the chance to bolster their squads with coveted blue cards from packs.

FC 24 Ultimate Team Season 6

EA is currently spoiling FC 24 players with a plethora of content, and the excitement continues with the imminent arrival of Ultimate Team Season 6! We'll delve into all the details about Season 6, including the release date, rewards, and promotions, so grab your snacks, and let's preview what's coming up next in Ultimate Team.

Release Date of Ultimate Team Season 6

A fresh season of FC 24 Ultimate Team is right around the corner, as Season 6 is scheduled to launch tomorrow, Thursday, April 25, at midnight PST (3 am ET / 7 am GMT).

This new season will replace Season 5: FC Pro, which has been running since March 14 and features enticing rewards such as packs, UT Birthday player cards, and Icon player picks!

Season 6 promises similar rewards and more. We'll explore the upcoming campaign, highlighting the rewards and promotions included in the new season. For those still wrapping up Season 5, there's still time to earn bonus XP by playing Rivals, Squad Battles, and Champions matches, earning 50 XP for each game played.

Rewards in Season 6

As with every FC 24 Ultimate Team season, EA will roll out various tiers of rewards, offering players opportunities to enhance their Ultimate Team with packs, players, and stadium items.

While the specific rewards for Season 6 remain undisclosed, players can anticipate the chance to add a Team of the Season player to their squad by reaching certain levels. Additionally, there will be exciting packs with an increased likelihood of containing a TOTS player.

We'll update this guide once all the rewards are unveiled, providing details on each prize level and the required XP for earning them.

Promotional Campaigns in Season 6

Promotions are a cornerstone of FC 24 Ultimate Team, serving as a major content source for EA and players alike.

Each week, EA introduces a new promo into Ultimate Team, offering players opportunities to obtain special items, complete promo-themed objectives, and SBCs, and evolve their teams satisfactorily.

Typically, a season of Ultimate Team features several campaigns. However, Season 6 is expected to align with the duration of Team of the Season, focusing primarily on blue cards and TOTS rewards. With weekly TOTS releases, Ultimate Team will see a surge in blue cards by the season's end, significantly improving every player's squad, thanks to the enticing rewards awaiting in the game mode.

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