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​Giving the Madden 22 preliminary a shot PS5

Aug-27-2021 PST news

Giving the Madden 22 preliminary a shot PS5. The collaborations among DBs and the wide recipients appears to be truly uneven.

I'm playing the holy people and I swear Michael Thomas or any of my wide beneficiaries so far as that is concerned never endeavor to make a catch on a 50-50 ball they simply continue to run or act uninvolved.

Essentially the equivalent with any course in the game it appears as though DB's consistently break or attempt to pursue the ball while my recipients appear to be uninvolved.

I'm not managing a ton of captures since I attempt to make keen tosses it just appears to be truly odd.

I realize this has been an issue in past Madden games it simply appears to be truly horrifying this year. I'm simply inquisitive the number of others are encountering or seeing this.

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