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How to Blitz in Madden NFL 24

Jan-08-2024 PST Madden 24


Here’s a simple and famous saying, “You cannot dominate your opponent on the defensive side of the ball without knowing how to Blitz”. This concept is even part of the real football, and that too, since the golden age.

The defensive coordinators utilize the Blitz Concept while adding a few new sparks for different looks on the quarterbacks. Some go with the Zone Blitz concept, while others go with the Man Coverage Blitz. If you are the team’s defensive coordinator, then knowing how to Blitz will significantly improve your gameplay.

What is Blitz?


Blitz is simply sending more defenders toward the offense to create pressure on the quarterback. This forces him to quickly make a decision, thus resulting in mindless throws that are inaccurate. Since it leaves your secondary vulnerable, you need to be smart and selective when using the concept.

5 Objectives of Blitzing


The goal while Blitzing is to entirely cover the Quarterback and create pressure in a way that forces him to throw the ball faster without thinking. This would lead to inaccurate passes and open up opportunities for interception.

The good thing is that even though the quarterback reads the situation and manages to make a good throw, it’ll likely be a short one that won’t make much of a difference. Simple follow these 5 objectives for a perfect Blitzing defense:

- Sack the quarterback.

- Force him to make bad and inaccurate throws.

- Intercept passes or force fumbles to create turnovers.

- Limit his options so he turns to short passes.

- Make sure to have control of the game’s pace.

Cons of Utilizing Blitz


While you might think that Blitz is amazing and works every time, you’re wrong. There are some drawbacks too, such as:

A man-to-man coverage is required unless the defense side is using a Zone Blitz. This leaves the defensive backs in one-on-one coverage without any safety help.

If the offensive line and backs pick up the Blitz, it increases the chance for the offense to score, allowing the quarterback enough time to scan the field and find a receiver who is open to catch.

The quarterbacks who are athletic can also break the containment and scramble for large gains if they escape the pocked. And, the defenders get tired more quickly if the Blitz is in continuation.

Tips for Effectiveness


Keep in mind that when you are setting up defense in practice mode, your Blitz won’t work twice in a row because the defenders randomly blitz different gaps.

Place your fastest defense guy on the field when you are blitzing the quarterback. Because the more speed your defender has, the quicker he’ll be able to catch up with the quarterback. You need to first set blitz packages in practice, and once you’re comfortable with the setting, you can move toward the real gameplay.


Since blitz in practice mode doesn’t always work in the real online mode, you may not want to play with confidence just to get burned later on. The best way is to put one controller on you and the other on the opponent’s team. Set your defense, run to see if it works perfectly, and then run it against the players online.

If the opponent is playing Zone or Man Coverage, then learn to manually blitz a defender. This helps generate more heat for the quarterback. As you come across a blitz that fits your gameplay, run it multiple times to ensure its effectiveness.

As you blitz, your opponent can also use side protection to counter it. That’s why you need to set blitz packages against 4 slide protection adjustments. It takes time but you’ll get a hand of it sooner or later.

Instant replay is very important to see how pass protection works against the blitz. Also, don’t blitz too often or the opponent will easily catch on to the playstyle and find ways to counter it.

If the offense throws toward the middle of the field, get ready to switch to your user defender. You could also drop into coverage to confirm that the blitz is picked.

Lastly, make sure to use Fake blitz with a defender who drops into zone coverage. You can do it by moving him near the scrimmage line. As the ball snaps, drop him back, which is often confusing at the beginning.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide was helpful to you. If you have any questions or feedback, you can let us know in MMOexp.com. Thank you for giving it a read and good luck with honing your Madden skills and more MUT 24 Coins!

MMOexp Madden 24 Team