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I actually to like Madden 20 coins

Oct-08-2019 PST Madden 20

For interceptions, run FG block right, audible to punt safe, take your starting SS and move him about 8 yard off the LOS and 8 yards in, pick off the pass.

Charles Tillman theme diamond solo is much better than Baker solo. Starts you off on the 10, so you get 90 per throw and restart after the TD.

You should probably list the yardages differences in your post then. You get an extra 30 or so yards for doing the other two instead of Baker.

Pretty solid. FF for sure this is the route. Also have Tillman as your backup SS..and I did Sky kick left about half power. Switch a guy right away run to the inside a bit to draft a blocker inside and Tillman comes down untouched and gets the hitstick FF.

Can I just do 20 challenges for the 70 OVR team, or do I have to finish complete games? Thought about just knocking out a theme builder season with the shitty 70 team.

Whichever legend sells for the most. The difficulty is exactly the Mut 20 coins same on all of them so just pick whatever power up you can sell for the most.

I got Tillman a few days ago, I got rushing yards through team builder games, I literally got 30 rushing touchdowns in 1 game just hit sticking and going down. Pass yards I did the this or that solo about 50 times in a row and it tracked all yards and touchdowns.

Agreed, love the sports but EA domination over lisence ruins the video games of the sports. I hope NFL 2k21 appears next year. Fuck it i hope there's Soccer 2k21 or whatever it is called. 2K is the best sports game developer out there. I hope they make a soccer game.

Dude 2k is littered with ads. It's sad. And I say this as someone who loved NFL 2k5 and APF 2k8.

I actually used to like cheap Madden 20 coins street and even some FIFA street on the ps2 when EA wasn't greedy and copy pasting shit.

I really miss the 'Street' games. NFL street was fun, but man I LOVED NBA street. I spent so many hours on that game. If they re-release something like those games I fear it will be monetized and micro-transaction'd to hell.

OHHH, that's so true I almost forgot about NBA, great game much better than the original on the court.

I never play myteam so it's a meh for me. Always play mycareer or mygm. So i really don't care.

It's still a sport game and it's still made by 2k so why would you want a company that does this to their games be in charge of all the sports games?

Rather than EA yes please. Even konami are horrible with PES the last few years. And no if there's a good devs chime in on sports game i welcomes it, the more the merrier. As of now of all sports game dev 2k are the best.

Imagine supporting a company that hates modding and likes selling gambling to 3 year olds and up.