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​Madden 22 Info on MMOexp

Jun-28-2021 PST Madden 22

Anybody know when we can anticipate any information about Madden 22? Feel like they have begun delivering information later and later every year. I recollect where we would get an advertisement around the Super Bowl and some more subtleties during/around the draft.

Dfsroadie said that...

I've been a Madden player since Madden '92. I watched it develop, become increasingly vivid, and one of most profound vocation/establishment methods of any game. At that point they gradually began eliminating highlights from establishment and afterward the genuine demise of Madden... MUT.

All center moved away from establishment and to MUT. Presently with the tremendous reaction from how awful 21 was, they did a couple of little things in that should've effectively been there, and much of the time used to be in the game. They've vowed to make establishment a concentration and put things that we need once again into the game. They likewise guaranteed 2 years prior to make establishment a center, and well, that was clearly a barefaced untruth.

So we trust that 22 is a tremendous positive development. The Madden Community is a patient, we've managed horrible game after awful game until at long last shouting out and saying "no more." So no, we don't anticipate that everything should be fixed for this present year.

What we do expect is an amazing leap from a year ago, which shouldn't be hard, on the grounds that there was nothing truly even in the game. On the off chance that they don't show exertion, increments, and developments, #FixMaddenFranchise will drift once more. Furthermore, with 2K getting once again into the NFL game market, EA can't manage for 22 to turn out like 21.

Yet, My speculation is that they will deliver nothing on the grounds that almost no will change in case we're being reasonable.

Madden 22, truly, is simply going to be Madden 21 however 2021-22-ified. The possibly pardon to purchase the game is in the event that you play establishment mode and the 17 game season is THAT imperative to you.

You understand what I say: "If it's after 2012, it isn't worth the maximum".

Do you suspect as much? Disclose to me your reasoning. Much thanks to you.

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