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​Madden 22 Wishlist for Franchise

Aug-09-2021 PST Madden 22

Note: Some things have effectively been covered by Madden 22 Deep-jumps, so they won't be incorporated here. Likewise, these are eager. I'm not saying they will occur - this is exactly what I need.


1, Different Franchise Modes: My ideas basically play off of 2k, who I think has done an excellent occupation in Franchise Mode. Season: Play a solitary season with your number one group. End of the season games: Either redo your own season finisher section or use a memorable one. Tweaked: Make groups of your own, extend with development groups, or utilize notable/record-breaking groups to make the perfect association.

2, All-time/Historic Teams/Customizable groups: This has been a solicitation of dig for quite a while 2k has huge loads of memorable groups to play with. I comprehend that this is troublesome with a 53 man list, anyway with time and exertion it could be finished. Incorporate one memorable group for each establishment at least.

3, More intelligent/alive fanbases: There are a huge number of fans out there, tweeting, making articles, mock drafts and Power rankings. Update the online media to incorporate these things:

- Fan Praise, Players indicating: Fake fan names and records could be added, where they could make statements like "Got the W! I'll see you later ____!" or "Intense misfortune. Hold together _____nation!" Players could likewise allude to things, for example, needing to be exchanged or free specialists the group may sign. (Great representation: Chandler Jones - sorry, Cardinals fans) This could help players look for the simplest exchanges.

- Weekly Recap Videos: I love tender loving care; this would help that a great deal! Show Highlights from games around the association, standings and exchanges.

- Power Rankings and counterfeit drafts: This is something I TRULY love to do. I squander many hours a year making power rankings. "Tweets" that you could tap on that would show you power rankings would be a perfect thought. Likewise, other than the "projection" that is consequently made when exploring, fan bases could deliver mock drafts also.

4. Player's hand: Players ought to have the option to constrain exchanges for themselves and solicitation the group sign/exchange for a player. (Something I recommended in The past idea). This could resemble an Aaron Rodgers circumstance.

5. Halftime Upgrade: Here's a genuine model!

6. 6 Trade Spots: Simple. 3 Trade spots is irritating, particularly when attempting to make an advanced group with every one of the right programs/draft state house!

7. Better in-game Broadcasting/Setting to wind down in-game telecom: The telecasters can be heard interfering with the center of a discussion, rehashed phrases, and so forth More consideration the class overall: If a group goes 16-0, additional fervor. In the event that a RB is going to reach 2,000 yards, say something. Try not to say "he," address the player (something 2k does well indeed).

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