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​Madden 23 Guide: Everything We Know So Far

Jul-09-2022 PST Madden 23

Meta Description: It will soon be time for another Madden NFL release, and there are already numerous rumours about what the series' next iteration will bring. Let's discuss these rumours.

In terms of popularity, sports games like The Madden NFL series are among the most popular today. The series' annual releases have never failed to enter the top charts, ensuring that Electronic Arts makes a lot of money. Over 130 million copies have been sold, and profits are over $4 billion despite lows and highs. It's hardly a surprise that people are looking forward to Madden NFL 23 because it's the most popular football video game.

Even though the game's release is still a few weeks away, Madden NFL 23 rumour is already rampant. While some speculations are unlikely, others are far more likely and may offer players a glimpse of what to anticipate from Madden NFL 23. In contrast, EA has yet to announce the contents of Madden NFL 23.

Cross-play is coming to Madden 23

The cross-play option is one of the most intriguing elements of Madden 23. However, the game has not enabled cross-play for years, meaning users on different platforms cannot play against one another. The outcome has been a source of contention for some time, but there are whispers that Madden NFL 23 may deviate from prior patterns and enable cross-play.

The latest events in the sports world lend credence to the speculations of cross-play support. MLB: The Show, another iconic athletic game franchise, was created in part by San Diego Studio. The series contained cross-play in addition to MLB: The Show 21. It is closer to EA's franchise, and reputed business insider Tom Henderson has said that FIFA 23 will include cross-play. With EA starting to implement cross-play in FIFA 23, many fans assume the same will happen in Madden NFL 23.

Nintendo Switch gets Madden NFL 23

Like other sports games, Madden NFL is released on many platforms each year. However, Madden NFL has blatantly neglected Nintendo for the last few decades. According to sources, Madden NFL 23 may be different, and gamers may finally reap the rewards of a Switch release.

The claims were spurred by job postings from EA looking for Madden NFL programmers with prior expertise on "Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo gaming platforms." This might imply that EA is exploring future Madden games for Nintendo gaming systems. While there is no indication of a Nintendo release of Madden NFL 23, EA would boost Madden's player base by releasing it.

Madden 23 Most Iconic Cover with John Madden's

As you know, the Madden NFL series was inspired by a well-known football broadcaster, John Madden. John Madden has been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Before becoming a pundit, he was the Oakland Raiders head coach from 1969 until 1978. The death of Madden took place on December 17, 2021.

Since Madden's passing, Madden NFL fans have been begging Madden to appear on Madden NFL 23's cover. Although the cover is generally reserved for the most renowned players, Madden NFL 22's cover has broken certain norms in its own right, and many thinks that the Madden-themed cover is the best way to honour the icon. Some fans even went so far as to make imitation Madden covers, which have been posted on social media channels by users such as @antwon creates.

What are the potential shortcomings in Madden 23?

In actuality, supporters quit stadiums en masse if their team suffers blowouts or if they do not attend at all until the end of a long season. In Madden, though, every stadium is full from start to finish. This isn't a coincidence; it's the product of artificially inflated demand.

"We also utilized correct attendance statistics for all teams." "Jacksonville has traditionally had the lowest attendance stats," a former EA Tiburon producer told Sports Illustrated (opens in a new tab). "The Jags owner was furious when he discovered no seats available during the game while you were playing as your team." We were compelled to rectify the issue promptly when the team alerted the NFL.

The show is unlikely to be included in the same programme. Chris Berman's famous half-time show courtesy to ESPN NFL 2K, the ability to create your squad in EA's NCAA games, and a return to a classic Madden ambulance. This programme is a little outdated, but it's still a fun game. The reality is that draught classes are currently in play and have proven to be a welcome upgrade.


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