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​Madden 23 offensive and defensive guide - Tips and Tricks

Dec-05-2022 PST Madden 23

This article explores every facet of the game MUT 23, including in-depth discussions on offense, defence, and more advanced strategies.

The MUT 23 offense has a strong emphasis on the offensive side of the ball. Due to the complexity of the defence, games that are decided in a short amount of time often end in a barrage of shots. To be successful this season, you need to know your way around the formations and have a solid offensive game plan.

Here, therefore, is a comprehensive guide for maximizing your offensive and defence potential in MUT 23.

Madden 23: The best way to play offense

In MUT 23, Choosing a robust set is crucial when moving the ball down the field. There are formations better suited to running the ball, such as the Goal Line, Shingleback, and I, while passing is best accomplished in the Gun and Pistol formations.

The offense depends heavily on alterations made by coaches. These allow you to adjust the force with which players hit the ball. If a player carries the ball aggressively, he may do more impressive jukes and stiff muscular arms, but he also increases his risk of fumbling. While conservative ball carrying dramatically lowers the likelihood of fumbling, it also limits the player's ability to execute skill manoeuvres.

Madden 23: Tips for playing offense

· Heavy blitz triggers motion block: A motion block is a great strategy to defend against the heavy blitzes that have been appearing more often in Madden 23. Motioning a receiver beyond the offensive line and snapping the ball before they get into place constitutes a successful motion block.

· Develop your deep routes before rolling out: A quarterback's most fantastic move is to roll out of the pocket. When used on one side of the field, it allows for more time to throw and increases accuracy and velocity. Unless there is a contain, the O-Line must roll out as soon as the pass-rush begins to engage.

· Adjust your O-line: When preparing to roll out or detecting significant pressure from a single side of the field, the Madden 23 O-Line tweaks are fantastic. You may keep your quarterback in the pocket for longer by changing the line of scrimmage or double-teaming a defender.

· Driving aggressively in the danger zone: As runs are blown up, and the field is shrunk down, the red zone is one of the most challenging areas to score in Madden 23. To counter this, aggressive trucks off the Goal Line or in I formations work well. In order to speed past the defence in confined areas, you may increase the ball carrier's aggression from the coaching adjustments screen and get quicker truck animations.

Madden 23: The best way to play defence

In MUT 23, Cornerbacks, safeties, and line-backers have different pass breakup options at their disposal while defending wide receivers and tight ends, just as wide receivers have three different methods to haul in a throw. It's critical for the defence to exploit this weakness. Failure to do so may result in your defender being outmuscled and giving up a significant gain.

Madden 23: Tips for playing defence

· Interception is the key: The importance of interceptions is highlighted in the Madden NFL games. To successfully steal the ball from your opponents, you must be able to predict their next actions. Knowing your opponent's formations, play styles, and people can help you forecast their moves. Triangle is used for intercept on the PS4, whereas R is used on the Xbox One and PC. To intercept the ball, choose the defender you want to intercept it from and hit the corresponding button.

· Ensure that your formation is appropriate: With a well-balanced line-up, you'll be better able to score goals and prevent them from being scored. Your team's defensive strength will be heavily influenced by this. However, defensive formations are the most effective strategy to put an end to the game and prevent goals from the opposing team.

· Diversify your tackles: To stop the ball from getting into your end zone, you must tackle the quarterbacks so they cannot throw or grab passes. There are four distinct sorts of tackles available in Madden NFL 23 that may be used for this purpose. 1- Cut Stick, 2- Dive Tackle, 3- Hit Stick, and Conservative Tackle are the four methods. By using a variety of tackles, you may render the opposition team's quarterbacks helpless and unable to advance the play in any manner.

· Adaptive Coaching Screen: Change your team's configuration for a specific section of the field with the help of the Coaching Adjustment Screen. This may be of great use to you even when facing professionals in your field of expertise. Instead of using a predefined formation, it is preferable to create your own so that you have more control over the factors and can ensure that your formation is optimal for the circumstances.

Final Thoughts

All done! All the offensive and defensive tactics for MUT 23 have been explained in detail. Following our recommendations will make you a top performer this year. If you're still struggling to figure out how to build a winning offensive and defensive game plan, keep in mind that the best offenses and defenses strike a balance between the different sorts of formations and players. With these guidelines in mind, your squad will be unbeatable this year.