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Madden 24 Updates: What to Expect in the Next Title Update

Nov-27-2023 PST Madden 24

The Madden 24 season is well underway, and EA Sports is gearing up to deliver another significant Title Update. While a recent major patch addressed some issues, Madden enthusiasts can look forward to more exciting changes in the upcoming update. In this article, we'll delve into the anticipated highlights and improvements that EA is likely to bring to Madden 24.

Madden 24 Updates: What to Expect in the Next Title Update

X-Factor and Superstar Player Refresh

One of the most eagerly awaited features in the next update is the X-Factor and Superstar player refresh. EA typically rolls out this update once or twice a year, and the Madden 24 season is at the point where fans can expect the next big overhaul. The refresh involves reevaluating player performances and adjusting their X-Factor and Superstar designations accordingly.

While it's a crucial aspect of keeping the game realistic and reflective of current NFL dynamics, some players feel that EA could do this more frequently. In the past, updates occurred around three times a year, but now it's closer to once or twice annually. The refresh often sees certain players losing their X-Factor or Superstar status, while others rise to the occasion. It's a dynamic process that keeps the Madden experience fresh and aligned with the real NFL season.

Potential X-Factor Upgrades

Speculating on potential upgrades is always exciting for Madden enthusiasts. This time around, players like T.J. Hockenson, who has been consistently performing at a high level, might see an elevation to X-Factor status. While he might be more likely to transition to a Superstar first, his impressive play suggests he's ready for the top tier.

Another standout is CeeDee Lamb, who, with his exceptional season and bold claims of being the best receiver in the NFL, is a strong candidate for an X-Factor upgrade. Amani Ross St. Brown is also in the mix, especially considering the Lions' need for an X-Factor player and his standout performances.

Superstar Player Predictions

Moving on to potential Superstar player upgrades, rookies like CJ Stroud, who is making waves with an outstanding rookie season, are likely to receive a boost. Tua Tagovailoa, despite arguments for an X-Factor designation, may see a promotion to Superstar status. Other players like Jared Goff and Sam Howell, performing well this season, could also earn Superstar recognition.

In the wide receiver category, names like Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave could be on the radar for Superstar status, with their noteworthy contributions on the field. Puka Nakua, as a rookie making a significant impact, might also receive a Superstar nod.

Season 3 and Ultimate Team Changes

With the arrival of the next update, Madden 24 is likely to transition into Season 3. This shift typically brings a wave of changes to Ultimate Team, including new content, challenges, and possibly new abilities and X-Factors. EA might address some of the existing issues with Superstar Showdown and incorporate additional elements to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Gameplay Fixes

The Madden community has been vocal about certain gameplay issues, and the next update could address these concerns. The kick meter bug, which has resurfaced after being fixed before, is likely to be a top priority. EA may also fine-tune the contested catch system, as some players have reported issues with drops and contested catches not aligning with the on-field reality.

Defensive play, an ongoing topic of discussion within the Madden community, might see adjustments. EA has mentioned monitoring defensive performance, and this update could be the moment for tweaks that enhance the overall balance of the game.

Franchise Mode Updates

In terms of Franchise mode, Madden fans have been eagerly awaiting improvements. The Play Now Live feature, updated weekly to reflect real NFL standings, may see its next update around Wild Card Weekend. Abilities coming to Franchise mode are uncertain, but the hope is that the upcoming update could bring in some of the leaked abilities from the past.

The persistent fatigue bug and potential draft class issues need addressing, and the Madden community is looking to EA to deliver fixes in the next update.

Player Likeness, Equipment, and Bugs

EA has been gradually introducing player likeness updates with each Title Update. However, the pace has been slow, and Madden fans hope to see more players, especially second-year and standout rookies, receive accurate depictions in the game.

Equipment updates are expected, with the possibility of new gear being introduced. Cleat issues, which have been a point of contention among players, might finally get the attention they deserve.

As with any significant update, bug fixes are inevitable. Madden enthusiasts have reported issues ranging from the fatigue bug to draft class problems, and the community is hopeful that EA will iron out these wrinkles.


The Madden 24 community has much to look forward to in the upcoming Title Update. From player upgrades to gameplay fixes and Franchise mode improvements, EA has an opportunity to enhance the gaming experience for fans. As we await the official release, make sure to stay tuned for more updates by subscribing and turning on notifications. The next Madden 24 season promises to be an exciting ride with a refreshed roster and improved gameplay mechanics. Get ready to dive back into the virtual gridiron and experience the evolution of Madden 24.

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