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MMOexp Madden 22: ​I figure I did it

Sep-19-2021 PST news

I know I'm an entire Madden late yet I'm not distraught with regards to this is on the grounds that this could be an amazing forward leap for sim football on this crapshoot that is EA Sports.

Here are my authenticity sliders for Madden 21 disconnected establishment gamers. (With Madden's reorder game I trust that Madden 22 can follow a similar example set up here with a couple of minor changes):

The key here is to play on arcade. Indeed, arcade.

Utilizing these sliders and house rules you ought to get:

- practical player conduct

- a few punishments

- genuine 50/50 balls


- reasonable broken handles

- better CPU passing conduct

- a generally speaking testing experience without it being predominantly messy

House Rules:

- no audibles except if the play is totally going to get exploded

- no hot courses EVER.

- no cash plays except if you call a break first

- no switch rule on protection

- play calling should come from proposed play calls. you can pick an arrangement once every three Downs and afterward you actually should arbitrarily look after you pick the development. (Close your eyes, parchment and stop in the event that you need to. Sounds silly yet.. trust me, it chips away at) protection, you can pick development yet that is it. Irregular look for the genuine play.

- no consecutive plays or dreary plays being chosen. Give yourself a couple of series to "cool down" on the off chance that you chose a play beyond twice in a similar quarter.

- in case you are utilizing a custom Playbook kindly make certain to add situational plays else it will wreck the proposed play calling. Likewise, don't bring in cash plays your recommended plays (I see you around there)

Expertise level: Madden - Arcade (User slider/CPU slider)

QB: 5/5 Pass blocking:5/85 WR: 50/60 Run: 5/85 Fumbles: 10/10 Pass response: 85/95 Ints: 15/20 Pass inclusion: 85/95

Handling: 20/35

FG power: 50 FG acc: 35 Punt power: 50 Punt acc: 40 Kickoff: 50

Wounds: 50 Fatigue: 63 Speed edge: 5

Punishments: change as you would prefer, assuming you need to see to a greater degree a punishment, I suggest moving the slider over 60. (It is reputed that punishment sliders affect ongoing interaction which that in itself is a totally broken idea yet hello, it's Madden. Save it at 50 for the time being, perceive how you like the sliders, and afterward change the punishments)

Likewise, I suggest winding down the kicker punishments so the remote possibility that you get to the punter or kicker you can perhaps impede a punt or a kick without a canned punishment

That's the long and short of it, I invested a ton of energy in attempting to take advantage of a clumsy game from an awkward organization yet... it's the main football match-up until 2026... so I truly trust you all like these sliders let me know any input please!

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