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Movement as the ball carrier is Madden 20 coins

Aug-23-2019 PST Madden 20

Movement as the ball carrier is Madden 20 coins a huge improvement. They needed this because no one in h2h ran last year. I played 2 h2h games yesterday and broke 100 yards in both games with Dalvin Cook and the Vikings terrible oline.

I played against my friend last night on PC and drafted Gurley in Ultimate Draft. Mother of god the running is night and day better and that's coming from someone who primarily ran the ball last year, and it was a total bitch.

I remember in buy Mut 20 coins you really had to pick your spots to run, I made a custom offense with the Ravens and used a lot of short passes, screens, and options in a sort of college style, and I liked that.

Do they still have that dumb pause/delay when you hand the ball off to a running back or return a kick? That really killed the game for me last year, among many other things, but that was the biggest flaw in my eyes. Literally couldn't run the ball to save my life.

Definitely improved over 19, ball carrying is a lot smoother. Commentary is literally the same as 19 but it’s whatever. Seems like more of a skill gap and I didn’t like the stars idea at first but I think it’s a solid thing. Only issue I’ve had is dropping back with the QB trying to quick throw and keep getting inaccurate back foot pass which I’m sure is just a new mechanic but it’s annoying lol. Also the fact that you can go from challenge to challenge without having to go back into the menus is amazing.

I've found that if you let the QB complete their drop back (3/5/7 step drop) that it negates the back foot problem. Last year, I could snap the ball and just sling it, which is unrealistic. It makes more sense how it is now. If you're playing against a great d-line, you can't take 5-7 step drops as much.

I get the impression I'm the only one but I really enjoyed the radio show that they would do in the previous versions from a few years ago.

The star thing makes sense to me because there are some skills/abilities that certain players have that cannot be expressed through the skills ratings.

Turn off commentary and boost up the PA announcer. They got a new PA announcer and it’s so much better.

95% sure it’s Alan Roach, Vikings and Colorado Avalanche PA announcer.

Dated his daughter in high school. 100% him.

Wait for real? I remember they've used the same PA announcer since the PS2 days for the longest time. I gotta go check this out.

The new guy is a lot more fluid and less monotonous. Game sounds great without the awkward commentary.